2022 SNUG Webinar Series

The Soft Network Users Group's goal with this series is to enhance user experience with SCC Soft Computer's laboratory and genetics information systems and provide continual education to enhance optimization. The SNUG Webinar series contains a mixture of topics spanning from SCC's laboratory, genetics, blood bank, outreach, and supporting applications, along with general LIS Administrative functions. All webinars will be presented by a domain expert in the field and will be followed with a Q&A session.

All webinars will be presented on Tuesdays at 12:00pm E.T. in order to provide consistent timeslots for advance planning.

We encourage all clients to register for the informative webinars of their interest to learn how they can benefit from SCC products.

P.A.C.E CEUs are available for eligible webinars.

Webinar Topic
10/11/22 SoftBank® Billing
  • Identify the Billing Options in SoftBank
  • Identify How to Set Up a Blood Product, Test, Action, or Instruction to Qualify to be Billed
  • Identify How to Bill for an Alternative Billing Account Number
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10/25/22 Security Management Additional Features (Printer Profiles and Help Desk)
  • Printer Profile Function Enabling Client to Assign Printer to Users and Terminals
  • Security Help Desk - Web Based Tool Used to Modify User Access
  • Security Help Desk Providing Limited Access to User for Basic Functions with Limited Timeframes
11/08/22 SoftBank® Charge Code
  • Identify How to Set Up a Charge Code
  • Identify How to Use a Charge Code
  • Identify Some Examples of Where the Charge Code Could be Used
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12/06/22 SoftReports® Launcher
  • What is SoftReports® Launcher
  • What Security Access is Needed for SoftReports® Launcher
  • Requirements for Running SoftReports® Launcher
  • Scheduling of Reports
  • Tracking of Reports
  • Running of Reports

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Past SNUG Webinars

Webinar Topic
8/16/22 STAR Advanced Features and New Enhancements
  • KB/STAR Integration
  • Elastic Search Configuration
    • Saving Search Queries
    • Displaying Saved Queries on STAR Dashboard
  • STAR D Metric Configuration
    • Width Column Adjustment
    • Hiding Column Filters
    • Displaying Elastic Search Saved Queries
  • Client Custom Codes
  • Quote Questionnaire Lookup
  • SCR Status Tracking
4/19/22 Mock Go Live and How to Prepare for LIVE
  • Mock Go Live - Purpose
  • Mock Go Live - Planning and Execution
  • Mock Go Live - Post Mortem
4/5/22 How to Set Up a Micro ELR/EMR
  • Review of updated dictionary for database
  • Review of Micro set-up requirement
  • Recommended COVID-19 setup for reporting
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3/22/22 How to utilize Settings and Definitions Module
  • Review of Settings and Definitions
  • Finding the Setting or Definition
  • Editing Common Settings and Definitions
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3/8/22 Security Highlights
  • CSF Enhancements for Common Functionality and Copy Setup
  • Security Application and Common System Framework
  • Additional Fields and Import Enhancements
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2/22/22 Foreign Barcoding and What It Means
  • Unique specimen identifiers
  • HL7 OBR-18
  • Synchronize setups
2/8/22 Reference Lab Interface Build
  • Organizational setup requirements
  • Test definitions specific to reference lab interface
  • Multiple customizable/vendor-specific layouts