SNUG Webinar Series

The Soft Network Users Group's goal with this series is to enhance user experience with SCC Soft Computer's laboratory and genetics information systems and provide continual education to enhance optimization. The SNUG Webinar series contains a mixture of topics spanning from SCC's laboratory, genetics, blood bank, outreach, and supporting applications, along with general LIS Administrative functions. All webinars will be presented by a domain expert in the field and will be followed with a Q&A session.

All webinars will be presented on Tuesdays at 12:00pm E.T. in order to provide consistent timeslots for advance planning.

We encourage all clients to register for the informative webinars of their interest to learn how they can benefit from SCC products.

P.A.C.E CEUs are available for eligible webinars.

Upcoming SNUG Webinars
Feb 14, 2023
HIS 4.0 Interface Troubleshooting

Feb 28, 2023
How to Utilize GMON

  • Exception Handler Error Messages
  • GENE Performance Tracing Trail
  • Action-By-Action Audit Trail
Mar 7, 2023
Copy Setup Tool

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Past SNUG Webinars
Jan 31, 2023
SoftWorkload® - New Look & Feel via WebScape.web

  • Launching, Logging-In, and What Getting Around Looks Like
  • Ad-Hoc Capturing and Viewing
  • Reporting - PDFs and Excels
Jan 17, 2023
Latest STAR Features and Enhancements

  • KB/STAR Integration
  • Elastic Search Configuration
    • Saving Search Queries
    • Displaying Saved Queries on STAR Dashboard
  • STAR D Metric Configuration
    • Quick Action Bar
    • Width Column Adjustment
    • Hiding Column Filters
    • Displaying Elastic Search Saved Queries
  • Client Custom Codes
    • Multi Task Update
  • Quote Questionnaire Lookup
    • HIS/EMR interfaces, Reference Lab, Backload, etc (RFQ)
  • SCR Status Tracking
Dec 6, 2022
SoftReports® Launcher

  • What is SoftReports® Launcher?
  • What Security Access is Needed for SoftReports® Launcher?
  • Requirements for Running SoftReports® Launcher
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Tracking Reports
  • Running Reports
Nov 15, 2022
Tips & Tricks From Your Client Relations Team

  • Do You Know How to Submit an Electronic SCR?
  • Are You Up-to-Date on Requested Timelines (server moves, disaster recovery, and software installations)?
  • When Do You Contact Your CRM?
  • Do You Know Where to Find Education Classes?
  • Where to Find Your Maintenance Itemization and What to Do With It?
Nov 8, 2022
SoftBank® Charge Code

  • Identify How to Set Up a Charge Code
  • Identify How to Use a Charge Code
  • Identify Some Examples of Where the Charge Code Could be Used
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Oct 25, 2022
Security Management Additional Features (Printer Profiles and Help Desk)

  • Printer Profile Function Enabling Client to Assign Printer to Users and Terminals
  • Security Help Desk - Web Based Tool Used to Modify User Access
  • Security Help Desk Providing Limited Access to User for Basic Functions with Limited Timeframes
Oct 11, 2022
SoftBank® Billing

  • Identify the Billing Options in SoftBank
  • Identify How to Set Up a Blood Product, Test, Action, or Instruction to Qualify to be Billed
  • Identify How to Bill for an Alternative Billing Account Number
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Sep 27, 2022
SoftMic® – Sources, Procedures, Processes

  • Sources – How They Link to the Ordered Tests
  • Procedures – How They Link to the Generated Media
  • Processes – How They "Work Around" Sources and Procedures
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Sep 20, 2022
The Difference in Test Setup between SoftLab® 4.0 and 4.5

  • No More Codes in 4.5
  • No More Billing Tab in 4.5
  • Specimen Container Verbiage and Functionality Has Changed
  • Reference Lab Functionality Added to Test Properties
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Aug 30, 2022
Client Services 101

  • Review the New Technical Support Site
  • Review Best Practices
  • Review Tools and Resources
Aug 16, 2022
STAR Advanced Features and New Enhancements

  • KB/STAR Integration
  • Elastic Search Configuration
    • Saving Search Queries
    • Displaying Saved Queries on STAR Dashboard
  • STAR D Metric Configuration
    • Width Column Adjustment
    • Hiding Column Filters
    • Displaying Elastic Search Saved Queries
  • Client Custom Codes
  • Quote Questionnaire Lookup
  • SCR Status Tracking
Apr 19, 2022
Mock Go Live and How to Prepare for LIVE

  • Mock Go Live - Purpose
  • Mock Go Live - Planning and Execution
  • Mock Go Live - Post Mortem
Apr 5, 2022
How to Set Up a Micro ELR/EMR

  • Review of updated dictionary for database
  • Review of Micro set-up requirement
  • Recommended COVID-19 setup for reporting
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Mar 22, 2022
How to utilize Settings and Definitions Module

  • Review of Settings and Definitions
  • Finding the Setting or Definition
  • Editing Common Settings and Definitions
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Mar 8, 2022
Security Highlights

  • CSF Enhancements for Common Functionality and Copy Setup
  • Security Application and Common System Framework
  • Additional Fields and Import Enhancements
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Feb 22, 2022
Foreign Barcoding and What It Means

  • Unique specimen identifiers
  • HL7 OBR-18
  • Synchronize setups
Feb 8, 2022
Reference Lab Interface Build

  • Organizational setup requirements
  • Test definitions specific to reference lab interface
  • Multiple customizable/vendor-specific layouts
Apr 20, 2021
SoftBillPlus® / SoftA/R® – Charge Assignment and Routing (all versions)

  • Type of accounts charges can be assigned to
  • How charges are routed to specific account types and payors
  • Ways maximum automation can be achieved
Apr 6, 2021
SoftBill® / SoftBillPlus® / SoftA/R® – Add-ons and Credits (all versions)

  • What is considered an add-on
  • What causes credits to be generated
  • When is a partial or full credit generated
Mar 30, 2021
SoftCompliance® Medical Necessity Checking (all versions)

  • Effective way to check medical necessity and ensure reimbursement
  • Reasons to utilize SoftCompliance (BBA)
  • How to automatically complete Medical Necessity Checking of multiple diagnosis codes
Mar 16, 2021
SoftReports® Launcher Tips for New Users (all versions)

  • Identify security options for SoftReports Launcher
  • Identify how to track jobs
  • Identify how to schedule reports
Mar 2, 2021
SoftReports® Organizational Control (all versions)

  • Identify main categories
  • Learn how to add subcategories
  • Learn how to best organize folders
Feb 16, 2021
Different Ways to Define Parameters with SoftReports® (v.

  • Standard Parameter Screen
  • Simple Parameters
  • List Parameters
  • Query Parameters
Jan 19, 2021
Blood Bank Neonatal Setup (v.25.5.6)

  • Identify how to set up the system for neonates including the hosparams involved
  • Identify how a patient will qualify to be considered a neonate
  • Identify how to divide a red cell and charge the patient
Jan 5, 2021
Formatting for No Data Returned (v.

  • Introduction of FormatIfNoData
  • Demonstration with & without FormatIfNoData
  • Steps to Setup FormatIfNoData
Dec 15, 2020
Blood Bank Quality Control (v25.5.5)

  •  Ability to have QC per 24 hours, not midnight to midnight
  • How to have phases in QC, not just last result
  • Sited reagents 
Dec 1, 2020
STAR Enhancements (v3.0.0)

  • New STAR User Interface (task creation, task processing, watch list, etc.)
  • Star Dynamics – Metrics
  • How to use Elastic Search (saved searches, customized filters, customized grid, etc.) 
Nov 10, 2020
Integrated Epidemiology Reports (v4.5)

  • Ability to pull an Epidemiology report for SoftLab results, from SoftMic®
  • Ability to translate SoftLab results into a Statistical format
  • The available filters to create product-specific reports
Oct 27, 2020
Printer Profiles (v1.0.0.11+)

  • What functionality Printer Profile provides
  • How Printer Profiles are setup
  • How to assign Printer Profile to user
Oct 13, 2020
Copy Setup Tool (v4.0.8+)

  • Running comparison reports between two environments
  • Copying new setup and changes into Target Environment
  • Confirming setup matches after the copy
Apr 21, 2020
HL7, Web Services and FHIR (versions 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5.1)

  • HL7 v2 versions supported by SCC | structure description (segment, field, component) and communication
  • Web Services introduction and comparison | structure description (level, complex, element) and comparison to HL7 v2.5
  • An overview of FHIR (Fast Health Interoperability Resources) | SCC current state and comparison to HL7 v2.5
Mar 10, 2020
SCC’s Business Intelligence Solution (SoftBI® v1.0.2.0)

  • Key elements of SoftBI implementations (sysytem requirements, resources, and choices)
  • Typical Data Model and Data Sources
  • Example Dashboards (SoftBank®, SoftBank Transfusion Justification, Genetics Specimen)
Mar 3, 2020
Management Reports Tool Kit (MRT) (Genetics modules v4.1)

  • Generate management reports to record and track activities performed within the system from the initial receipt of the sample, throughout the testing process, to result reporting
  • Query and use the data contained in the Genetics database for various reporting needs and for quality assurance initiatives
  • Edit, print, save, or export reports in a spreadsheet format as files on their computers
Feb 25, 2020
SoftMic® Rules Table (v4.0 and 4.5)

  • Introduction to the Rules Table
  • Brief description of Types of Rules
  • How the program accesses SoftLab® results
Feb 18, 2020
Common Genetics: Storage Maintenance (all versions)

  • Gaining a better understanding of how the system is built
  • How to maximize the use of the system through processing entry and manual entry
  • Getting additional insight on storage functionality and shortcuts
Feb 11, 2020
SoftBank®: Quality Control Racks and Results (v25.5.5.0)

  • Reagent verification, including lot number / expiration date and integrity checks prior to resulting QC
  • Proper process of replacing expired reagents on the QC rack
  • Entering QC results on the rack including adding new lots not currently in use to an existing QC rack
Feb 4, 2020
Genetics: Reagent Management (all versions)

  • Delivery of single reagents or components from various vendors
  • Ability for users to see all the cultures that used a specific media and utilize Export to Excel QC searches in specific date ranges in the Reagent Entry browser
  • Ability for users to see only consumed reagents in specific date ranges in the Reagent Entry browser and export those search results to Excel using the Export to Excel function
Jan 21, 2020
SoftLab® Specimen Management Test Maintenance(v4.0 & 4.5)

  • Specimen Management and the ease of managing all specimens within SoftLab (e.g., adding new specimens, editing existing specimens, and managing specimens for patients
  • Matching methodology with specimen containers
  • Tracking your specimens
Jan 14, 2020
SoftFlowCytometry® Batch Sign Out (v.

  • Decreasing sign out time
  • Ease of processing and continuity of test review by batch
  • Consolidation of data, quantity control, and images on the screen
Dec 10, 2019
SoftReports® | Launcher (SoftReports v4.0 & 4.5)

  • Overview and requirements of SoftReports Launcher
  • How different configurations of SoftReports use SoftReports Launcher
  • Accessing and navigating SoftReports Launcher
Dec 3, 2019
Genetics | Internal Notes and Requests (all versions)

  • Creating internal notes to communicate with select users or groups from the ordering, processing, and resulting windows
  • Creating internal requests to be sent to select users or groups
  • Responding to internal requests sent to select users or groups
Nov 12, 2019
Reagent Management in SoftBank® (SoftBank® v25.5.5.0)

  • Delivery of single reagents
  • Delivery of reagent kits
  • Managing numerous lots of the same reagent
  • End of Use of reagents
Nov 5, 2019
Basic Security Management in Genetics (all versions)

  • Adding users (via manual build and importing)
  • Creating roles and assigning roles to users
  • Building printer profiles and assigning printer profiles to users
Oct 22, 2019
EPI Print Scheduler Setup (SoftMic® v.4.0 and 4.5)

  • MIC EPI folder setup fields
  • Setting up Epidemiology reports for use on the Print Scheduler
  • Modifying and troubleshooting MIC EPI Print scheduler reports
Oct 15, 2019
Dashboard Screen Modifications (Genetics v.4.1)

  • Productivity and error reduction, through quick access to specific tasks
  • Data and security management on different levels of users
  • Task organization through visual representation
Oct 8, 2019
Security Management for LIS Admins (SoftLab® v.4.0 and 4.5)

  • How to import new users via spreadsheet or network directory
  • How to batch edit multiple users, roles, sites
  • How to perform Permission Class setup for multisite
Oct 1, 2019
Getting more out of Qualities (SoftCytogenetics® v.4.1)

  • Documentation in the system
  • Driving specific responses within the system
  • Creating a Quality that requires review and assigning to a specific employee bin in My Orders
Sep 24, 2019
SoftLab Audit Trails – Follow Your Techs (versions 4.0 and 4.5)

  • Keeping track of and auditing the activities of the system and users
  • Monitoring specific functions that took place
  • Determining which users accessed system information
  • General troubleshooting
  • Demo: How to generate an Audit Trail report
Sep 10, 2019
LIS Admin Collection Label Printing Delays (versions 4.0 and 4.5)

  • Which ADT and OEHIS configurations impact Label printing
  • How Add-ons and Merges impact where Labels print
  • SoftLab® Setup considerations
  • SoftLab parameters
  • SoftID® considerations
  • How SCC can help