SCC's Research Information Systems Suite™

SCC’s Research Suite offers an advanced workflow-processing center for genetics, genomics, proteomics, sequencing, and other lab experiments and tests. These workflows start when the sample arrives at the lab and continue as the sample is processed in one or more lab tests. The work doesn’t end when the sample is accessioned and put into a bio repository. That’s just the beginning of an overarching process that involves bench protocol tracking, assay data generation/management, data mining, and data analysis.

SCC’s laboratory and genetics information systems are extended with SCC’s Research Suite functioning as an integrated single solution and providing the industry’s broadest range of user-configurable functionality. SCC’s Research Suite meets a broad range of scientific needs by providing a suitable environment that’s easy to use across multiple disciplines. This suite reduces the cost of IT overhead, enables users to view data across the organization, and facilitates data standardization, automation of laboratory processes, and integration of the data provided.

With a robust platform to drive scientific decisions and improve quality and operational efficiency, SCC’s Research Information Systems Suite enables laboratory professionals to advance research, development, and manufacturing.

  • SoftBiobank™
  • SoftLIMS™
  • SoftFlowDRA™
  • SoftNGS Scientific Pipelines™