Consultative Services

Workflow Assessment & Process Improvement

Implementing workflow changes in a clinical environment is as challenging as the implementation of the software itself, and can have just as big an impact on your business. Too often, when a proper workflow assessment and analysis has not been performed, the new system tends to not yield the expected benefits.

As varied as the reasons are for purchasing a new clinical system (lack of functionality, poor customer service or support), the reasons for implementing change are quite simple: to automate processes necessary to meet all your business goals.

Through process analysis, experts at SCC Soft Computer can help you analyze your workflow. You can leverage SCC's 30 years of experience in the laboratory environment to perform an unbiased assessment of your current situation, your current usage of your LIS functionality and make recommendations on implementing change.

Comprehensive Implementation/Integration Services

Since 1979, SCC Soft Computer has successfully managed the complexities of clinical software implementation and integration. Examination of processes, workflow and operations analysis, and utilization review are all important aspects to a successful go-live. Combined with our award winning education and training services (Training Top 125), SCC provides a complete and comprehensive implementation process, ensuring the success of any implementation.

With more than 950 live client sites, SCC has vast experience in interfacing our solutions to the various systems in use at our client facilities. Our success in this area comes from a combination of our experience, our substantial programming/technical staff, as well as our advanced systems architecture, which allows for integration using HL-7, CCOW, XML, CORBA, and other standards.

SCC has successfully interfaced our systems to all major HIS systems, including but not limited to, IDX, Siemens/SMS, McKesson/HBOC, Cerner, QuadraMed, Meditech, Eclipsys, Per-Se, 3M, and others, including custom interfaces. SCC systems are also interfaced to other systems found in healthcare such as an EMR, CPOE, and billing systems. Moreover, in the laboratory, SCC has superior instrument and robotics interfacing capability, having interfaced to over 300 various instruments and robotics systems, with complete communications allowing for adherence to important analytical and post-analytical rules established by the laboratory and its physicians.

Integration and implementation is one of SCC's strengths and a major part of what makes SCC Soft Computer a leading clinical information solutions provider.

Education and Training

SCC Educational Services provides a full spectrum of learning solutions to address all of your education, training, and learning needs. This typically starts with our System Design training to enable you to customize your system to meet the specific business needs of your facility.
The educational relationship will continue with training that will create ‘super users’ of your new system, as well as help you prepare for training your end-users.
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