Supporting Products

Developed for specialized purposes in hospitals and laboratories of all sizes, SCC’s supporting—or ancillary—software solutions provide additional ease of operation and can play a paramount role in optimizing your enterprise’s productivity. Many of these robust systems can be used as standalone applications or work as integrated solutions with SCC’s core modules.

Designed to fit your organization’s needs, all of our supporting products are easy to use and are extremely customizable to match your workflows. These high-end, feature-rich, and reasonably priced software applications provide increased flexibility and enable your staff to optimize workflows and get the most from your LIS solutions.

Whether used as an integrated solutions or as standalone products, SoftID® (positive patient identification/collection), SoftMedia® (image/document management), SoftBI® (business intelligence), SoftReports® (reports designer, query builder, launcher, scheduler), and SoftWorkload® (workload management), provide flexibility, safety, and functionality to a wide variety of users.


SCC Soft Computer's SoftID, the electronic positive patient tracking solution, provides phlebotomists and nurses with an efficient, mobile, and dependable means of verifying patient identification prior to blood collection.


SCC Soft Computer's powerful SoftMedia allows a pragmatic method for enhancing clinical services with document and image storage capabilities.

SoftBI® : Business Intelligence Solutions

The premier Business Intelligence product line for productivity and efficiency analyses, SCC's SoftBI leverages industry leading data visualization software against SCC's growing clinical information systems/LIS Data Warehouse.
The completed line of business intelligence products will include a full suite of interactive drill-down style reports that provide critical operational data, analytical and statistical data, laboratory efficiency data, various productivity analyses and other reports involving data from all of SCC's core software products.

SoftBI Cloud™

SCC's Cloud hosted Business Intelligence analysis product, leveraging data visualization software against SCC clinical information systems. SCC's SoftBI Cloud includes a full library of drill down reports providing analysis on productivity, efficiency, operations, and statistical data from SCC's Laboratory and Genetics Information Systems Suites.


SCC Soft Computer's SoftReports provides enhanced report capabilities allowing users to incorporate color, a variety of report fonts, images, graphs, and charts.


SCC Soft Computer's SoftROE offers several convenient options for users to cycle tests while entering orders at individual workstations on patients. This quick and convenient time-saving approach to entering recurring patient orders minimizes repetitive keystroke errors and helps optimize workflow in the laboratory.


SCC Soft Computer's SoftMPI is a powerful patient-based linking tool that works as an umbrella across departments and facility systems. The system generates a unique master patient index (MPI) identification number for each patient. This number becomes a reference point for the system to pull together patient information and deliver it to one or more desired locations.


Specimen and Organism Storage and Retrieval System


Blood Services Archive


An advanced system for workload assessment, SCC Soft Computer's SoftWorkload is a workload management system tool that can be applied to defined areas of the hospital.


Offered as part of each information system in SCC's Genetics Information System Suite®, SCC's SoftIWS interpretive workstation utility is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, informatics module that allows for consolidation of resulting and reporting information across multiple information management systems.
SoftIWS offers pathologists and geneticists the ability to produce comprehensive reports by incorporating results originating from multiple technologies.


SCC Soft Computer's specimen receipt and verification system to be used in conjunction with SoftLab in large independent laboratories by knowledgeable, trained, and experienced personnel. SoftR&V enables users to receive and process large volume samples for the purpose of expeditiously validating sample acceptance, with use of an advanced sample based rules engine.


SoftBCL is a blood component labeling system to be used in a clinical laboratory by knowledgeable, trained, and experienced personnel. SoftBCL enables the user to both manually and on-demand, generate ISBT compliant labels, for the purpose of labeling blood products.


The SoftURF system is an application for managing referral testing that enables the user to prepare and validate shipping lists, manifests, and requisition forms with different types of materials referred to internal or external laboratories for testing.


SoftQMS system is designed to support storing and managing documentation and processes related to maintaining a quality management system. It supports a structured presentation of processes and full auditability.
To back quality managers in their everyday responsibilities, each version of procedure or modifications performed in the system can be tracked.