SCC's Blood Services Information Systems Suite®

Ensure safe, secure, accurate blood products with SCC's Blood Services Information Systems Suite® - centralized transfusion service information management system solutions from the people who know clinical systems. The Blood Services Suite offers a wide range of exceptional features designed to streamline many of the routine, manual, and time-consuming tasks associates with blood bank and blood donor protocols. These timesavings translate into revenue for your transfusion services.


In today's fast-paced, expensive, and highly-regulated transfusion services environment, it is increasingly important to provide safe, accurate blood products from a centralized inventory that is current and highly responsive to specialized daily needs as well as emergencies.

SoftBank offers a wide range of exceptional features that are designed to streamline many of the routine, manual, time-consuming tasks associated with Transfusion and Blood Center processes and procedures. This dynamic transfusion service management system combines previous high performance functionality with exciting new features to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective centralized testing solution.

Transactions and reports are produced in seconds without affecting the system's processing power, even in a complex, multisite operation with numerous PC terminals. The database management system offers fast, direct linking between records and transactions. This dramatically increases levels of security and integrity when performing and documenting activities and events.

As a major asset to the laboratory, SoftBank provides critical safety functions throughout the system, enabling you to focus on what is important; providing safe blood products to your patients.

The SoftBank features include:

  • ISBT ready
  • Electronic crossmatch with embedded critical safety features
  • Multisite capabilities
  • Secured access
  • Emergency issue
  • User-defined online worksheets
  • Unit recall management and documentation
  • Comprehensive inventory management
  • Daily trace and audit trail
  • Management reports
  • Compatible with oracle database
  • .NET technology


An accurate and efficient donor service management software solution, SCC's SoftDonor has many robust features - including user-defined test algorithms, automatic deferral generation, and safety management alerts for any deviations. SoftDonor helps users manage donor eligibility and component inventory, and allows knowledgeable users to efficiently conduct and safely manage daily donor facility tasks, including: donor visits, component production, donor testing, inventory control, and inventory distribution critical to ensuring a safe blood supply.

Sophisticated donor testing algorithms can be defined to defer donors, set donor notifications, quarantine or discard associated units, and set donor monitoring based on specific test events. Component Recall is based on donor testing or lot numbers. SoftDonor assists in producing a safe blood supply from eligible donors.

As part of SCC's complete blood management software solution, SoftDonor ensures complete documentation throughout the donation process. All significant steps are documented online. Any deviations from defined procedures are documented for management review and may be controlled by supervisory override.

On donor testing, SoftDonor allows interfacing with instruments or reference laboratories to accept test results or final interpretations. SoftDonor can handle all aspects of the Transfusion Transmitted Viral (TTV) testing from the ordering of required repeat tests to confirmatory tests. Define test algorithms to defer donors, format donor notification letters, quarantine or discard associated components, and set donor monitoring characteristics.

SoftDonor provides users with outstanding features:

  • Create lists of eligible donors using multiple compound database search criteria including 'and/or' logic or exclusionary logic
  • Document communication with the donor by letter or telephone recruitment
  • Document donor visit history review, questionnaire, physical exam and phlebotomy including who performed each step, as well as date and time
  • Document each step in the donor visit, including deferrals, deferral overrides, and exceptions
  • Double sticks are supported and documented, including phlebotomists
  • Configure component production to capture bag and supply lot numbers
  • Track component quality control tests automatically
  • Control inventory through accurate verification and recall inventory by lot number or by donor now being positive for TTV test


SoftID.Tx, the positive patient identification system from SCC Soft Computer, is a comprehensive system used to manage the transfer of transfusion-related data from the patient's bedside to SCC's SoftBank system, SoftID.Tx enables users to collect transfusion-related data, assign a blood product to a courier, and verify that the product selected for transfusion is the same product assigned to the patient in SoftBank.