SCC is proud to share the following client success stories to further illustrate the value you can expect when you put the power of SCC Soft Computer to work for you. We thank these clients for allowing us to share the following commercial success stories.

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Turning a cost center into a profit center
Botsford General Hospital
Farmington Hills, Michigan

Enhancing patient care with laboratory information technology
Lancaster General Health
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Exceeding expectations with strategic IT implementation
The Methodist Hospital System
Houston, Texas

Expanding operations thanks to flexibility and integration
Mobile Infirmary Medical Center
Mobile, Alabama

Facilitating research breakthroughs with genetics information systems
Mount Sinai Hospital
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Improving patient safety with a reliable tracking system for phlebotomy
Via Christi Health
Wichita, Kansas

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Botsford General Hospital

Botsford General Hospital"SCC's SoftWeb offers physician offices so many flexible, logical options... The fact is, this software keeps your costs reasonable. We've done a lot of important things at Botsford, including taming the beasts of compliance, ABNs, and outreach."

Since taking SCC's SoftWeb live in 2003, Botsford General Hospital laboratories in Farmington Hills, MI, have been operating well into the black. In fact, the hospital's outreach gross billing has increased by 10,000 requisitions per month, thanks to SCC's Outreach Information Systems Suite ®. This translates into a total of $18 million generated in annual outreach revenue, and they are still growing strong.

Previously, officials at Botsford were frustrated by trying to use tools that were not designed to address the complex needs of their outreach lab. Their hospital lab is different from other departments, performing high volume, repetitive work that generates low revenue per transaction. The Botsford team knew there was a better way and better software to get the job done. That's when they turned to SCC's Outreach Suite. SoftWeb features Web-enabled order entry and real-time delivery. Bar-coded test tube labels generated in the hospital are printed instantaneously in the physicians' offices.

With SoftA/R and SoftCompliance, "clean claims" help ensure maximum revenue collection. ABN errors are no longer missed, thanks to front-end medical necessity checking and instant ABN form generation, which includes uploading patients' demographic and billing information from their EMRs. Easy to implement, SCC's applications are also very cost-effective to set up because physicians' offices can utilize existing computers and hardware. Implementing the features in SCC's powerful software has resulted in overall improved workflow, increased productivity, and substantial return on investment for Botsford.

Lancaster General Health

Lancaster General Health"The flexibility, cost, and support availability, integrated specimen tracking, micro discrete results, and positive patient ID were among the reasons we decided to go with SCC Soft Computer. SCC is a 'lab only' company that specializes in software that improves efficiency and patient safety while supporting industry-leading technology. Just a few of the process improvements we're using include bar-coded specimen tracking, handheld devices for phlebotomists, discrete microbiology results, digital pathology images, and discrete blood gas results."

A regional healthcare system with a reputation for excellence, Lancaster General Health is the winner of numerous national and local awards. Lancaster General Health is committed to maintaining the health of all Lancaster County residents and continuously strives to provide the communities in and around Lancaster County with a system of care that offers nationally-recognized clinical quality matched with compassion and caring.

As a not-for-profit health system that seeks to meet a growing demand for a diverse array of healthcare services, Lancaster General Health continuously invests in its people, in new technology, and in expanded facilities. When it was time to replace their existing laboratory information system (LIS), Lancaster General Health included SCC Soft Computer in the selection process.

Lancaster General Health chose SCC Soft Computer over its competitors to replace their laboratory system for several reasons. The current LIS was 20 years old and was approaching end-of-life support in 2010, and they were looking for a system with improved efficiencies utilizing the latest technology and the ability to integrate with other Lancaster General Health systems.

Multiple focus groups of nurses, physicians, practice managers, and Information Technology and Laboratory staff were involved in discussions about the application of the new system and opportunities for improvement. A steering committee comprised of project leaders, administrative and medical directors, and executive leadership provided guidance and escalation for the project from the beginning. "We were looking for a system with improved efficiencies utilizing the latest technology and with the ability to integrate with other systems and found this in SCC's SoftLab laboratory information system."

The Methodist Hospital System

The Methodist Hospital System"Working with the SCC implementation team was great. SCC's knowledgeable and experienced staff worked with us to implement the SCC system at three hospitals in less than nine months, and allowed our lab to support The Methodist Hospital System's strategic information technology initiatives."

A world-renowned non-profit healthcare organization based in Houston, Texas, The Methodist Hospital System (TMHS) was established to extend TMHS's health services beyond the Texas Medical Center and into communities throughout Houston. As the largest hospital in Houston, TMHS is affiliated with Weill Medical College of Cornell University, and is consistently listed among the country's top hospitals in multiple disciplines.

When looking to replace a 14-year-old legacy lab system within a limited timeframe, TMHS was seeking a powerful LIS application suite with the ability to handle complex testing. Timing was a crucial element. TMHS chose SCC Soft Computer not only for its feature-rich platform, but also for the ad hoc reporting tools that can be generated on demand, as well as SCC's strong ability to interface with other systems.

"Our expectations were exceeded. We had a contingency plan in place just in case the implementation of our CP and AP modules, including Donor, did not meet our timing requirements of nine months. SCC excelled in the management of this task. Our IT department abandoned the contingency plan within the first three months of the project because they were confident the system would be implemented on time as promised."

The Methodist Hospital System in Houston is one of the nation's largest private, non-profit general hospitals and is comprised of a major academic medical center, three community hospitals, a physician organization, and a research institute. Although TMHS is affiliated primarily with Weill Medical College of Cornell University and New York Presbyterian, it is also affiliated with the University of Houston and maintains joint programs with Baylor College of Medicine. TMHS is ranked among the nation's top centers in 12 specialties in U.S. News & World Report's 2008 "America's Best Hospitals" issue. The hospital ranked in more specialties than any other hospital in Texas. THMS is also ranked 8th on FORTUNE magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" in 2008, and The Houston Business Journal has selected THMS as one of "Houston's Best Places to Work" for in 2009, making the list for the fifth time. Additionally, its medical staff includes dozens of physicians listed among The Best Doctors in America.

The Methodist Hospital has earned worldwide recognition since it opened its doors in 1919, and its mission remains the same: to provide the best care and service in a spiritual environment.

Mobile Infirmary Medical Center

MeritCare Health System "SCC has facilitated our growth over the years. Since becoming an SCC client, we've added two sites and will be adding two more in the near future. Without the flexibility and integration of our SCC systems, we would not have been able to expand our operations so quickly. Although we've added affiliate sites, we haven't increased staff, but our testing volume has increased dramatically. Our SCC systems enable us to do more in less time with fewer FTEs."

Since it first began serving the healthcare needs of area residents in 1910, Mobile Infirmary Medical Center in Mobile, AL, has delivered value and quality healthcare to its community. This 704-bed hospital is the largest non-governmental, not-for-profit hospital in the state of Alabama.

Just 16 years ago, Mobile Infirmary Medical Center was a single site hospital with few instruments interfaced, and a microbiology department and blood bank that were not computerized. Today, Mobile Infirmary is a multisite facility with plans to add two more affiliate sites within the next twelve months.

SCC's SoftMic microbiology information system enabled Mobile Infirmary's microbiology department to go paperless, eliminating the time-consuming paperwork associated with processing microbiology specimens. Mobile Infirmary added SCC's SoftPath anatomic pathology, autopsy, and cytology systems 14 years ago. So, in addition to SCC's SoftBank blood bank information system, the hospital is currently running SCC's Laboratory Information Systems Suite® that includes SCC's flagship SoftLab LIS, as well as SoftMic, and SoftPath.

The hospital has seen major improvements since making the move to SCC in 1994. Since going live with their SCC systems, the lab has added robotics, and SCC provides a convenient interface to the lab's instruments to create a complete laboratory record accessible throughout the hospital. The hospital has also added a reference lab interface to Mayo Clinic for processing results to and from Mobile Infirmary.

Mobile Infirmary's SCC systems were put to the test in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which slammed ashore on the U.S. Gulf coast at the Louisiana/Mississippi border on August 29, 2005. The healthcare facility shared, "After Hurricane Katrina devastated Mississippi and coastal Alabama and the surrounding area, emergency medical personnel flew in many injured storm victims to Mobile Infirmary Medical Center. Our personnel performed triage in the hospital parking lot. The hospital lost power and we were running off generators, but our SCC laboratory information systems, powered by IBM's p5 servers, never failed. Thanks to the built-in redundancies in the IBM p5 system, including dual power supplies, mirrored imaging, and RAID technology, we experienced no system downtime and were able to do our jobs in the face of this natural disaster."

Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto

Mount Sinai Hospital "Prior to the implementation of SCC's Genetics Information Systems Suite, Mount Sinai did not have a computerized system for tracking and reporting its genetics results. As a result, we were dependent on a number of different homegrown solutions (including Access databases, spreadsheets, and paper tracking) for genetics testing and reporting."

Established in 1923 as a 33-bed maternity and convalescent infirmary in the heart of Toronto, the founders of Mount Sinai Hospital could not have envisioned its full potential when they opened the doors of Toronto Hebrew Maternity and Convalescent Hospital from a house on Yorkville Avenue. Today, Mount Sinai is an internationally-recognized 472-bed community, research, and teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto.

On the forefront of new breakthroughs in patient therapy, in the past decade alone, Mount Sinai has become a major cytogenetics center with a large high-risk pregnancy practice and extensive pre-natal genetics team. Researchers at Mount Sinai perform a wide range of molecular and genetics testing for both community-based healthcare services and research purposes. To facilitate its continued genetics research and discovery, Mount Sinai purchased and implemented SCC's genetics information system, which was deployed for Mount Sinai's genetics research unit to enable researchers to not only better manage workflows from automated sources, but also analyze more accurately the results from karyotyping, fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) experiments, and other molecular-based genetics research.

Mount Sinai's selection of SCC Soft Computer was based in part on SCC's experience in creating LIS applications that address the specific needs of researchers, clinicians, and diagnosticians in teaching hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and non-profit research centers. Among the major hospital information systems (HIS) and LIS providers, SCC is one of the few companies willing to develop products from scratch if it means the right solution will be delivered to meet a customer's needs. "SCC's Genetics Information Systems Suite has improved our specimen tracking, made reporting more uniform, and allowed us to improve our turnaround time," the client observes. "Canned reports and standard commenting has made our reports more clear. Our improved quality control and quality assurance has also reduced the risk of error in our testing."

Via Christi Health
Wichita, Kansas
SCC client since 2006

Via Christi Health "Our executives are very pleased with the return on investment because SoftID had helped us solve so many problems and has eliminated so many bottlenecks in our system. Potential clients call us to see how well it works. We tell them that we are impressed."

Via Christi Health (VCH), a Catholic, not-for-profit healthcare system of acute care medical centers, senior communities, health plans, and retail/outpatient services, has become the largest provider of healthcare in Kansas in just 15 years. What began with small hospitals in Wichita and Pittsburg, Kansas, run by the Sisters from Via Christi Health's sponsoring congregations, has evolved into a healthcare system that provides quality, compassionate healthcare in communities throughout Kansas and the surrounding region. The name, Via Christi - Latin for 'the way of Christ' - reflects their mission of providing quality healthcare for all, especially the poor and underserved.

Based in Wichita, Kansas, VCH serves Kansas and northeast Oklahoma through its hospitals, senior villages, and at home services. Two VCH sites went live with SCC's information management systems in September 2007 - St. Francis and St. Joseph - and they added a third facility in August 2010, St. Teresa, which will go live with SCC's information management systems, including SoftID.

VCH has seen a revolution of patient safety and efficiency in their lab since adopting SCC's positive patient specimen collection solution, SoftID. Not only is SoftID an efficient and dependable mobile means of verifying patient ID, it opens the door to many process improvements for the lab. "With SoftID, we've seen huge improvement!"

SoftID enhances patient safety by accurately identifying the patient and the appropriate lab test and ensuring that patient lab specimens are correctly bar coded and labeled. "Before SoftID, we averaged four to seven label mistakes every month. In the past three years, we have had only one... and that was a phlebotomy error. With the mislabeling we had in the past, I completed 20-30 major events reports each year. Now it's down to zero. That saves so much of my time, and this has had a profound effect on workload."

VCH's laboratory staff doesn't have to wait for identification; the tube on the track doesn't stop on the counter because it's already labeled and ready for testing... this has reduced their turnaround time (TAT) significantly. The laboratory at VCH also doesn't have to manually receive the specimens or enter collection information. Specimens are received through a tube system and are immediately placed on their robotics line. "SoftID has exceeded all of our expectations. We were sure that SoftID would improve the patient identification process; we didn't expect how much, and we never expected it to impact our turnaround times and overall lab efficiency as much as it has. When the tubes reach the Lab, they go right on the track and into the machines. There is no need to enter anything. The tubes are labeled and ready for testing. Turnaround time is amazing."