SCC's Laboratory Information Management System

The Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is intended for a broad range of laboratories. From bio research to environmental or industry-oriented solutions, LIMS offers customizable and individualized setup options. The software can be stored in the cloud or on-premises. LIMS is a user-friendly and intuitive tool designed to make laboratory functioning easier and minimize the risk of mistakes. Each sample can be tracked and managed with ease and precision. At the same time, work overload and stoppages can be controlled and prevented, supporting testing liquidity.

SCC's LIMS users can define organization-specific workflows to manage testing and reporting efficiently. Workflow Designer's easy and intuitive interface helps users to create workflows with minimal programmer support. Users can specify information such as work request-specific layouts, tests, ranges, tested subjects, and sample types. Alerts and notifications can be set for periodic and QC-related workflows.
Versatility of
testing options
With expanded setup options, SCC's LIMS is fully capable of being implemented in laboratory testing, both human and non-human subjects. Using different work request layouts, users can enter subject specific-information, making sure none of the essential data is being omitted even if they are working simultaneously on variated subjects. Unlimited samples and subject types are supported.
Advanced reporting options Reporting entry allows users to create customizable report templates that can be associated with workflows, selected studies, or projects. Reports are generated automatically after testing process completion. Completed reports can be sent for verification via email or system notification. SCC's LIMS provides secure remote access to reports, so the sign out process efficiency is kept, even in unexpected situations.
monitoring and
Proper instrument maintenance helps to prevent unnecessary work-stoppages. SCC's LIMS equipment-related functionalities include calibration and maintenance planning, repairs, and services management. Customizable alerts can be set to notify proper employees that due dates are coming. All of the actions are registered and visible in instrument history with its details. SCC's LIMS has a built-in scheduler that serves for both maintenance actions and routine use. All of the instrument events are visible in the scheduler, which also allows the user to book instruments for future testing.
Instrument integration Transferring data from instruments to the LIMS environment is a crucial factor in providing fast and precise report release. All of the results may be instantly uploaded to SCC's LIMS, saving time, and mitigating staff. Integrating your analytical instruments with SCC's LIMS gives you an additional aid towards a high-performance-oriented digitalized laboratory. Calculation formulas can be defined in SCC's LIMS to transform raw results into reportable values.
IT standards
A Web-based, purely thin-client solution, SCC's LIMS fully supports the usage of mobile devices. Multisite accessibility is secure and safe with the latest advances in IT and security. The platform can be extensively configured to even the most demanding data management needs, including large data-oriented environments.
Quality support SCC's LIMS works in compliance with standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 15189, ISO 13485, GLP, and GMP. Operational transparency is provided via audit trail and chain of custody functionalities. All of the events in the system are easily traceable, and non-conformities can be instantly identified and reported.
Worklist Every activity that is planned in the Laboratory Information System is available on the Worklist View. Employees can easily access their assignment details with information about the priority, and activities can be taken directly from the Worklist View.
Specimen preparation Pre-processing of specimens can be supported by SCC's LIMS by planning the aliquots or performing protocol actions before actual testing takes place. Pre-processed material can be instantly placed into short or long term bio-storage.

LIMS – SCC's Laboratory Information Management System – is dedicated to enhancing laboratory testing processes from specimen registration and preparation, testing and results entry, to final report release. Integrated with analyzers, LIMS is an easy to handle software application that significantly improves laboratory in day to day operations.

SCC's LIMS is designed to meet the testing needs of:

  • Molecular
  • Biobanking
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Research