Currently Open Positions:
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  • Administrative Support Assistant
    The Administrative Support Assistant provides administrative support services to various departments within SCC allowing the individual the opportunity to learn and advance.
  • Blood Bank Associate Technical Support Specialist
    The Blood Bank Associate TSS is responsible for transferring Customer Support technical calls for Blood Bank, Donor, SoftID Tx and routing all other calls to the appropriate SCC individual outside of the Blood Services Technical Support Center. Locate alternate personnel as needed in order to accommodate client requests. Assist the Technical Support Center in an administrative capacity. This position is the initial contact for all SoftBank or SoftDonor client tasks received verbally or via faxes and is responsible for properly documenting the task into the Case Management System and performing simple troubleshooting using provided tools.
  • Blood Services Implementation Specialist Level 1
    The Blood Services Implementation Specialist Level 1 provides on-site and in-house application support, troubleshooting and training to an assigned number of upgrade, hardware, or simple implementation clients for the duration of the project and for a period of approximately 30 days after the live date. Along with Account Executive and Blood Services Implementation Team Lead, shares the responsibility for the successful implementation of SoftBank, SoftDonor and/or SoftID.Tx.
  • Genetics Implementation Specialist Level 1
    The Genetics Implementation Specialist Level 1 will work with assigned clients to train and assist with the implementation of SCC's Genetics Information Systems Suite of products. SCC's products include SoftGenomics, SoftPathDx, SoftCytogenetics, SoftMolecular, SoftHLA, SoftFlowCytometry, SoftBioChemistry and SoftGenePortal. The implementation and configuration will require definition of system scopes and objectives based on user requirements and a thorough understanding of business systems and industry requirements. This position may also support product development activities.
  • Office Support Assistant
    The Office Support Assistant provides administrative and clerical support to the Office Support, Purchasing and Shipping & Receiving departments.