Currently Open Positions:
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  • Administrative Support Assistant
    The Administrative Support Assistant provides administrative support services to any departments within SCC, allowing the individual the opportunity to learn and advance.
  • Blood Services Implementation Specialist
    The Blood Services Implementation Specialist Level 1 provides on-site and in-house application support, troubleshooting and training to an assigned number of upgrade, hardware, or simple implementation clients for the duration of the project and for a period of approximately 30 days after the live date. Along with the Account Executive and Blood Service Implementation Team Lead, shares the responsibility for the successful implementation of SoftBank, SoftDonor and/or SoftID.Tx.
  • Genetics Implementation Specialist Level 1
    Continuing breakthroughs in genetics and molecular diagnostics are resulting in an increase of ordered tests and the amount of data being introduced into genetics laboratories. The volume of data and complexity of the testing and interpretations are too great to be managed by traditional laboratory information systems. SCC's comprehensive suite of genetics information management system solutions provides a full range of genetics tools designed to automate workflow in today's genetics laboratories.
  • Genetics Support Specialist Level 1
    The Genetics Support Specialist Level 1 on the Post Live Support team is responsible for performing preliminary troubleshooting of Genetics and related applications on client environments. Assists in getting post live issues resolved in a timely manner via verbal or written communication with clients, supporting Gene programmers and other SCC personnel.
  • Interface Implementation Specialist
    The Interface Implementation Specialist is responsible for the proper coordination of SCC, client, and foreign vendor efforts to ensure successful implementation of interfaces to foreign hospital/clinical information systems and reference laboratories.
  • Operations Support Gatekeeper
    The Operations Support Gatekeeper determines the severity of incoming issues and distributes the task(s) accordingly to available support personnel. The Operations Support Gatekeeper will also communicate directly with clients for follow up calls of outstanding issues, loaner and pending RMA issues.
  • Regional Sales Manager
    SCC Soft computer (SCC) is an international company with over 2000 employees. SCC is the largest supplier of comprehensive laboratory and Genetics information systems ( LIS ), (GIS) and LIMS for the healthcare industry . SCC modules are being used in over 1200 labs worldwide, including the 3 largest commercial labs in the north America. We are committed to combining the most effective technologies, innovative designs, and productive methodologies to create cost-effective solutions that enhance the productivity and competitiveness of our clients. We are looking to add Regional Sales Managers to our team that does not require relocation. With the launch of new software versions and modules, this individual is responsible for Implementing strategic sales plan for state of the art software in their territory .
  • Technical Communications Manager
    The Technical Communications Manager is responsible for supporting strategic departmental and corporate objectives through the successful direction of the Technical Communication department. This position develops and audits standards and procedures for high quality technical documentation. This position also provides leadership, supervision, and guidance to technical communication staff to ensure maximum team effectiveness and productivity