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Date/Series Webinar Description
Sep 21, 2023

Product Showcase
SoftBI New Features: New Workbooks and Data Models for Clinical Process Analysis and Anatomic Pathology

  • Anatomic Pathology Management Dashboards
  • Test Result Analysis
  • Genetic Anomalies Trending
Sep 19, 2023

Copy Setup Tool - Copying Setups Between Compatible Environments

  • A Utility Which Lets You Copy Multiple SETUP Records Between Environments  
  • Speed Up File Building
  • Avoid Human Errors and Protect the Integrity of Records After Copying
Sep 12, 2023

Autoverification Using RBS Post Result Rules

  • Automatic Result Verification Using RBS
  • Using Test Level Flags to Trigger RBS
  • Holding Result(s) for Autoverification Until Other Test Result(s) are Available
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Sep 7, 2023

Product Showcase
SoftExpressPlus: Home Care Functionality

  • Home Care/ Nursing Home Functionality
  • Loading Application to Handheld Devices
  • Phlebotomy Travel Charges
Aug 29, 2023

SoftBank® & SoftDonor™ Troubleshooting

  • Basic Techniques for Troubleshooting the Bank and Donor System
  • How to Use the Daily Trace
  • Explore Other Available Options to Troubleshoot Your System
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Aug 24, 2023

Product Showcase
SoftWebPlus New Features

  • SWP Patient Portal
  • Copy Setup Functions
  • ABN Form Updates
  • Additional Search Enhancements
  • Results Query View Using Lab Query Formats
Aug 17, 2023

Product Showcase
SoftBI for SoftBank & SoftDonor - New Features

  • SoftBank Exception Management Dashboard
  • New Blood Services Management Dashboards
  • SoftDonor Dashboards
Aug 15, 2023

SoftLab® Audit Trails

  • Audit Trails Aids in Locating Result Changes 
  • Track Additions / Deletions to Setup
  • Determine Report Printer Output
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Apr 20, 2023

Product Showcase
SoftLab® - Gender Identity Functionality (v. SoftLab 4.0/4.5)

  • What is Gender Identity and How Can I Use It?
  • How to Get This Setup in SoftLab?
  • Does Gender Identity Affect Reference Ranges?
Apr 18, 2023

After Hours Support: Tips, Suggestions & Reminders

  • Prep Before Calling 800-SOFTLAB
  • After Hours Services & Expectations
  • Suggestions for a Smoother Emergency Task Experience 
Apr 6, 2023

Product Showcase
SoftMic® 4.0/4.5 New Features

  • Result Entry - Resulting Worklist Setup and Functionality
  • Epidemiology - New Setups
  • Micro Rules - New Actions
Apr 4, 2023

SoftBank® - Product Order Linking Enhancements (v. SoftBank

  • Product Order Linking Setup
  • Product Order Linking Requirements
  • Linking Functionality for Neonate Patients
  • Order Linking Enhancements

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Mar 28, 2023

SoftLab® Rule Based System (v. SoftLab 4.0/4.5)

  • Uses and Capability of RBS
  • Setup and Using of RBS
  • Basic Troubleshooting
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Mar 23, 2023

Product Showcase
SoftTrack® New Features (setup example will be showcased in SoftPathDx®)

  • Station Setup - Grossing, Embedding, Microtomy, Slide Staining
  • Options - Department/User, Department
  • Demonstration Example - Ordering, Processing, Resulting
Mar 9, 2023

Product Showcase
SoftLab 4.5 New Features

  • Order Entry – Clinic/Doctor Notifications
  • Reporting – Fax Numbers from Clinic and Doctor Setup
  • Call – Documentation
Mar 7, 2023

SCC's Copy Setup Tool

  • How to Copy Only Needed Setup
  • How to Maintain, Compare, and Update Environments
  • How to Gain Enormous Help from Copy Setup Tool When Working on a New Project (exp. new instrument or adding a new site)
Feb 28, 2023

How to Utilize GMON

  • Exception Handler Error Messages
  • GENE Performance Tracing Trail
  • Action-By-Action Audit Trail
Feb 16, 2023

Product Showcase
SoftLab 4.0 New Features

  • Ward/Clinic and Doctor Lookup from Read Mode in Order Entry
  • Moving Orders in Order Entry
  • Report Footer and Printer ID
Feb 14, 2023

HIS 4.0 Interface Troubleshooting

  • Interface Definition and Processing
  • Interfaces Flow
  • Lab and HIS Orders and Troubleshooting
Feb 9, 2023

Product Showcase
SoftBI® New Features (version

  • Overview of SoftBI Product Components and Features
  • SoftBI Desktop and Server Upgrade
  • SoftBI Data Model and Data Dictionary Overview
  • Lab Test Result Analysis Workbook
Jan 31, 2023

SoftWorkload® - New Look & Feel via WebScape.web

  • Launching, Logging-In, and What Getting Around Looks Like
  • Ad-Hoc Capturing and Viewing
  • Reporting - PDFs and Excels
Jan 19, 2023

Product Showcase
SoftBank.web™ New Features

  • Identify what visual appearance changes have been made with SoftBank.web
  • Identify the customization options available
  • Identify the advantages of upgrading to SoftBank.web
Jan 17, 2023

Latest STAR Features and Enhancements

  • KB/STAR Integration
  • Elastic Search Configuration
    • Saving Search Queries
    • Displaying Saved Queries on STAR Dashboard
  • STAR D Metric Configuration
    • Quick Action Bar
    • Width Column Adjustment
    • Hiding Column Filters
    • Displaying Elastic Search Saved Queries
  • Client Custom Codes
    • Multi Task Update
  • Quote Questionnaire Lookup
    • HIS/EMR interfaces, Reference Lab, Backload, etc (RFQ)
  • SCR Status Tracking