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Date/Series Webinar Description
Apr 18, 2024

Product Showcase
SoftExpressPlus® New Features

  • Client Relations Management/Inventory Management
  • Courier Tracking
  • Home Care Functionality
Apr 16, 2024

SoftBank® Reflex Functionality

  • Reflex Testing Based on Results
  • Test Setup Fields
  • Reflex Test Field
  • Blood Type Reflex
  • Positive Result Reflex
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Apr 11, 2024

Product Showcase
General Client Services

  • Introduction to Client Services
  • Understanding Client Needs & Examples of How We Gather Feedback From Clients
  • Importance of Communication and Support
  • Commitment to Problem Resolution
  • Partnership Approach
Apr 2, 2024

SoftLab® Multisite/Permission Classes

  • Define a Permission Class
  • How Multisite Affects Security (Permissions)
  • Build a Permission Class to Hide Proficiency Results
Mar 28, 2024

Product Showcase
SoftWebPlus® New Features

  • Copy Setups Between Environments
  • Auto Population of Address Fields
  • Manage Orders View Improvement
  • Addition of Employer Data and Alias Name Fields
Mar 21, 2024

Product Showcase
LIS Professional Services

  • Overview of LIS Professional Services
  • Benefits of LIS Professional Services
  • What to Expect: Obtaining and Actioning LIS Professional Services
Mar 19, 2024

Microbiology Rules / Setup / Usage

  • Conditions: Media, Previous Result, Order, Panel Priority
  • Actions: Significant/Critical, Reflex Test, Result Delta Checking, Add/Modify Isolate
  • Associated Items: Media, Order
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Mar 14, 2024

Product Showcase
SoftBank Validation

  • Reduced Duration
  • Execution and Reviews
  • Summary and Sign-off
Mar 5, 2024

SoftLab® Specimen Tracking

  • Track Specimens Within a Facility
  • Track Specimens Between Facilities
  • Integrated with SoftExpress® and SoftWebPlus®.
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Feb 22, 2024

Product Showcase
SoftGenomics Product Overview

•    Module Overview and Background
•    Workflow Demonstrations

  • Cytogenetics
  • Molecular genetics

•    High Level Setup File Review

Feb 20, 2024

SCC's Professional Services - Validation Focus

  • Phase 1 - Prerequisites to Validation Start
  • Phase 2 - Validation and Reviews
  • Phase 3 - Signoffs and Summaries
Feb 15, 2024

Product Showcase
Reference Lab Interface - New features, Implementation process, and Setup

  • New Features and Enhancements Including EIS, MOM Console, and Processing Embedded PDFs
  • Review of Project Workflow and the Interface Implementation Process
  • Client and Vendor Requirements for Standard Interface Setup
Feb 6, 2024

MOM Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Introduction to MOM
  • Monitoring MOM for Issue Discovery
  • Troubleshooting MOM for Issues Reported
Jan 25, 2024

Product Showcase
High Level Overview of ROE (Recurring Order Entry)

  • What is ROE?
  • What is the Intended Use?
  • ROE Flow in LAB OE
Jan 23, 2024

STAR 2023 Critical Enhancements

  • STAR Push Notifications
  • STAR Task Routing Based on Product, Activity, and Environment
  • STAR Elastic Search Enhancements
    (ability to save/edit keywords and display it on STAR Dashboard) 
Jan 16, 2024

SeekIT Knowedge Base

  • SeekIT KB Overview (search, advanced search, browse)
  • SeekIT Features (subscriptions, favorites, user preferences)
  • Article Satisfaction and Feedback
  • Tips and Tricks
Jan 11, 2024

Product Showcase
Print Scheduler for SoftLab®

  • Overview of Print Scheduler Functions
  • Types of Reports
  • Basic Setup Review