SCC's Pathology Information Systems Suite™


SoftPathDx, SCC's pathology support system, provides reliable data capture as well as a highly customizable and client-configurable reporting and workflow structure. A diverse imaging and reporting system allows a personalized setup. Seamless integration with SCC's Genetics Information Systems Suite applications provides easy reflex ordering of tests in the sister applications, such as reflex HPV tests to SoftMolecular® or chromosome analysis in SoftCytogenetics®, with final reporting in the Pathology Report.

SoftPathDx also enables users to share specimens between other labs such as biochemistry, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and molecular. This allows for integrated resulting and the ability to track specimens throughout multiple labs. SoftPathDx also enables users to optimize workflow by focusing on site-specific protocols and rules to assist the technologists and pathologists in decreasing turnaround times and managing patient data.


SoftTrack provides a workstation-specific, touchscreen user interface to process specimen materials for the pathology laboratory. With seamless bi-directional integration with SCC's SoftPathDx® module, SoftTrack's easy-to-use interface provides reliable data capture and tracking for specimen grossing, block processing, microtomy, slide processing, reconciliation, and distribution of slides. Customizable per workstation, the application supports user-defined stations for specific processing activities, label printing, specimen tracking, and storage for anatomic pathology and cytology laboratories.