SCC's Product Showcase Webinars

Product showcase webinars will be presented by a domain expert in the field and will be followed with a Q&A session. All webinars will be presented on Thursdays at 12:00pm E.T. in order to provide consistent timeslots for advance planning.

Upcoming Product Showcase Webinars
Dec 14, 2023
SoftBank.web New Features

  • Identify What Visual Appearance Changes Have Been Made with SoftBank.web
  • Identify the Customization Options Available
  • Identify the New Features Available in Bank 25.6.
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Past Product Showcase Webinars
Nov 9, 2023
SoftDonor.web & SoftRecruit New Features
(SoftDonor & SoftRecruit )

SoftDonor New Features

•    Interface with Webscape
•    Online Donor History Questionnaire
•    Establish Length of Time of Phlebotomy for Donation Procedures

SoftRecruit New Features

•    Ability to Send SMS Reminders to Eligible Donors
•    Ability to Add Notes to Call Logs by Recruitment Staff
•    Considering Email, Last Name, First Name, and Date of Birth When Merging Donor Records
Oct 26, 2023
SoftGenePortal New Features
( SoftGenePortal

Unlocking the Patient Portal: Exploring Diverse User Scenarios and System Capabilities

  • Result Access for Patients
  • New Patient Registration
  • Schedule Specimen Collection
  • Direct to Consumer Collection Kit Activation
Oct 12, 2023
SoftURF New Features

•    Tracking: Courier, Containers, and Routes
•    Medical Necessity Checking with ABN Generation
•    Results: Discrete, PDF, and Autoverification
•    Import Utility for Test Definitions
Sep 21, 2023
SoftBI New Features: New Workbooks and Data Models for Clinical Process Analysis and Anatomic Pathology

  • Anatomic Pathology Management Dashboards
  • Test Result Analysis
  • Genetic Anomalies Trending
Sep 7, 2023
SoftExpressPlus: Home Care Functionality

  • Home Care/ Nursing Home Functionality
  • Loading Application to Handheld Devices
  • Phlebotomy Travel Charges
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