SCC's Product Showcase Webinars

Product showcase webinars will be presented by a domain expert in the field and will be followed with a Q&A session. All webinars will be presented on Thursdays at 12:00pm E.T. in order to provide consistent timeslots for advance planning.

Upcoming Product Showcase Webinars
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Past Product Showcase Webinars
Apr 18, 2024
SoftExpressPlus® New Features

  • Client Relations Management/Inventory Management
  • Courier Tracking
  • Home Care Functionality
Apr 11, 2024
General Client Services

  • Introduction to Client Services
  • Understanding Client Needs & Examples of How We Gather Feedback From Clients
  • Importance of Communication and Support
  • Commitment to Problem Resolution
  • Partnership Approach
Mar 28, 2024
SoftWebPlus® New Features

  • Copy Setups Between Environments
  • Auto Population of Address Fields
  • Manage Orders View Improvement
  • Addition of Employer Data and Alias Name Fields
Mar 21, 2024
LIS Professional Services

  • Overview of LIS Professional Services
  • Benefits of LIS Professional Services
  • What to Expect: Obtaining and Actioning LIS Professional Services
Mar 14, 2024
SoftBank Validation

  • Reduced Duration
  • Execution and Reviews
  • Summary and Sign-off
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