SCC's Outreach Information Systems Suite®

As the financial landscape of the hospital evolves and the clinical areas are expected to be profit centers, there is a larger-than-ever demand being placed on hospitals and laboratories to optimize their systems with a focus on the bottom line. That’s where SCC’s Outreach Information Systems Suite can help. Combined with SCC’s core modules, this suite optimizes revenue, while improving patient care.

Featuring efficient outreach solutions that can help transform your laboratory into a profit center, SCC’s Outreach Suite is a comprehensive suite of Web-based software applications designed to give laboratories a competitive edge and help increase revenue while improving patient care with solutions for ordering and result reporting, (SoftWebPlus®), billing and collections (SoftA/R® and SoftBillPlus®), medical necessity checking (SoftCompliance®), and courier tracking/customer relation management (SoftExpressPlus®).

Powerful billing modules enable the laboratory to meet complex payor rules and diverse client billing requirements while working in conjunction with a fully autonomous commercial laboratory or HIS billing system. A strong set of additional information management systems, such as Web-based ordering/resulting, EMR interfacing, courier management, and CRM tools can help you meet the demands of your outreach customers.


Real revenue is the nuts and bolts that keep the laboratory operation in the black. A billing and accounts receivable system is much more than numbers. An advanced and versatile billing and accounts receivable information system, such as SCC's SoftA/R, is essential to keep that competitive edge.

SoftA/R is among the most flexible and advanced accounts receivable products for the lab environment. Developed specifically for billing and accounts receivable management in laboratories, clinics, and hospitals, SoftA/R provides practical solutions unique to this environment. Its many features decrease lost revenue and assist in competitive marketing. Full compatibility and integration with SoftLab provides accurate status reports, medical necessity checking, and accurate billing.

CORBA technology embedded in the SoftA/R module ensures HIPAA compliance, the use of Oracle and CORBA ensures fast response time, and HL-7 interfacing allows for enterprise-wide integration with other SCC products. SoftA/R is fully interfacable and scalable. It's the foundation for effective management of day-to-day billing.

SoftA/R users appreciate benefits including:

  • Automated medical necessity checking insures the appropriate diagnosis is associated with the correct CPT based on defined LMRP/NCD guidelines
  • Unlimited, multi-tiered fee schedules with carve-outs to satisfy the most complex contract agreements
  • Supports multisite facilities with specific revenue tracking (mergers, consolidations, and performance evaluations)
  • Ensures clean claim edits applied to all charges prior to transmitting for billing
  • Provides the ability to make automatic adjustments (contractual adjustments based on allowable, small balance write-offs, etc.)
  • Customized accounting and management reports easily created through ODBC-compliant report generation software
  • Standard reports database providing numerous management and data analysis reports. In addition a report writing tool is available for users to design their own queries and reports


Integrated client billing tools assists in managing Client/Outreach billing.

With single keystroke execution, SoftBill provides a robust tool that functions as a "scrubber". This module meets complex Medicare billing regulations and combinations, including Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) as established by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and other program safeguards.


Medical necessity checking is quick and convenient with single keystroke execution.

If you're looking for a simple and effective way to check medical necessity and ensure that your facility will be fairly reimbursed for the services you provide, SCC's SoftCompliance is a fast and convenient solution. SoftCompliance provides automated Medical Necessity Checking during SoftLab order entry. This software tool enables you to print an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) form for the patient's signature for tests that don't pass medical necessity checking.

SoftCompliance automatically matches allowed diagnosis codes (per LCD/NCD) to each ordered test for up to 20 diagnosis codes. When all ordered diagnosis codes are entered, medical necessity checking is executed with just one keystroke. If no matches can be made, a message is displayed to the user, and the user may print an ABN at this time for the patient's signature.

Automatic matching of allowed diagnosis codes, ABN, and GA modifier capabilities increase laboratory revenue by reducing denials and allowing your facility to capture revenue that might otherwise be lost by enabling you to billing patients for denied tests for which you have obtained signed ABNs.

SoftCompliance provides:

  • Automated medical necessity checking and diagnosis assignment according to LMRP and NCD rules
  • Automatic printing of ABNs when necessary
  • Accommodates multiple regions capability regardless of independent laboratory location
  • Simple and cost effective installation


Computerized Physician/Provider Order Entry/Results Query solution
SoftWebPlus is a set of clinical software modules designed to be accessed and utilized via the Internet. This Internet-based clinical software application is intended for use in accessing, obtaining, and utilizing clinical data via the Internet from healthcare clinical information systems.

Hospital and health system based commercial laboratories are increasingly making the business decision to improve profitability by providing outreach services to their surrounding community. In order to gain a competitive edge, these laboratories are looking for low-cost, effective tools for managing and growing their outreach programs. Fast, efficient, and user-friendly, for you and your client, SCC's SoftWeb offers profitable solutions for increasing revenue and optimizing workflow in the laboratory.

SoftWeb securely delivers real-time patient results to remote locations via the Internet. This powerful module produces tangible benefits such as closer relationships with the laboratory's clientele and increased profitability for the lab.

SoftWeb supports the laboratory, microbiology, blood bank, pathology, radiology, and reference lab results from multiple and disparate vendors, all of which reside on a single EMR repository.


  • Only one set of physician tables, patient lists, and test criteria to be maintained
  • Real-time test status monitor and result delivery
  • Screen requisitions can be built to mimic the paper requisitions in the client's office
  • Customized look for each client's office with doctor specialty (e.g. OB/GYN, Oncology) accommodations
  • Remote bar-coded label printing at the time of order entry
  • Automatic testing routing for multisite laboratories
  • Front-end compliance checking with instantaneous ABN generation
  • Robust rules and logic engine to streamline client billing

Benefits - Easy and efficient outreach solution

  • Low-cost, easy-to-use solution for the physician's office
  • Easy new patient setup, quick and efficient order entry
  • Customizable screens to mimic requisitions currently in place
  • Extensive online formulary simplifies order entry
  • ABN forms can be printed to local printers or created in an electronic format for digital storage
  • HIPAA enabled with multiple security controls
  • SoftLab setup files accommodate laboratory and physician offices


Courier Tracking / Customer Relation Management System
An outreach management solution that provides functionality of CRM support for incoming calls, supplies inventory, courier tracking, and phlebotomy.

The business of outreach management in healthcare organizations has become increasingly competitive. SCC's SoftExpress empowers laboratories with a user-friendly and sophisticated tool for overall courier tracking, and order and supply delivery. This software ultimately promotes time and cost-savings in facilities' overall operations by enabling managers to plan, document, monitor, and manage the movement of supplies and materials.

Even the most complex customer requests can be easily processed by this comprehensive software solution, powered by SCC's workflow engine. SoftExpress includes features and functionality that help product and service providers maintain tight control over the processes of Customer Relations Management (CRM), Courier Tracking, Data Quality and Inventory Management, Scheduling, and Fleet management.

These features include:

  • Auto routing and dispatch of service requests from nearly all communications sources
  • CRM and documentation of all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Customer Service documentation and workflow management to ensure problem/complaint follow-up
  • User-defined processing protocols
  • Bar code technology facilitates delivery of supplies on courier route with use of PDA
  • Internet allows real-time information updates

Benefits include:

  • Easily classify, track, and control inventory of supplies, including auto reports for shortages
  • Gain enterprise-wide visibility and control of inventory and transactions across multi-location facilities
  • Track supply levels for quick an efficient reordering information
  • Ability to keep track of each courier or phlebotomist on the route, if desired
  • Efficient online, while on-route updates from PDA
  • User-defined report templates for managers and supervisors