Company Profile

SCC Soft Computer has been a leading laboratory information systems (LIS) vendor since 1979. Over the years, the Company has earned an excellent reputation for its strong R&D focus. As a result, the laboratory community benefits from SCC as one of the largest LIS programming houses in the world.

SCC's goal is to continue to supply innovative technologies to meet the diverse needs and strictest demands of each of its clients. As the Company moves forward in the development of new technology - particularly, in the area of genetics information systems - customer service and satisfaction remain key to SCC's ability to stay at the forefront of this increasingly competitive market.

SCC regards its clients first and foremost, and realizes that without them the company could not have attained its position of leadership in the healthcare information technology industry. The company shares its clients' goals of increased productivity, return on investment, effective information distribution, and a higher level of patient care. Through collaboration, communication and cooperation, SCC continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions to its customers worldwide.

SoftLab, SCC's LIS software and part of SCC's Laboratory Information Systems Suite®, has been recognized as the market standard for its robust functionality and ease of instrument interfacing, including robotics. In addition to the Laboratory Suite, SCC offers an Outreach Suite, a Blood Services Suite, and a Genetics Suite.

Company Mission

SCC Soft Computer is a supplier of comprehensive laboratory and clinical information systems for the healthcare industry. We are committed to combining the most effective technologies, innovative designs, and production methodologies to create cost-effective solutions that enhance the productivity and competitiveness of our clients.