SCC's Genetics
Information Systems Suite®
Continuing breakthroughs in genetics and molecular diagnostics are resulting in an increase of ordered tests and the amount of data being introduced into genetics laboratories. The volume of data and complexity of the testing and interpretations are too great to be managed by traditional laboratory information systems. SCC's comprehensive suite of genetics information management system solutions provides a full range of genetics tools designed to automate workflow in today's genetics laboratories.

SCC's Outreach
Information Systems Suite®
As the financial landscape of the hospital evolves and the clinical areas are expected to be profit centered, there is a bigger-than-ever demand being placed on hospitals and laboratories to optimize their systems with a focus on the bottom line. That’s where SCC’s Outreach Information Systems Suite can help. Combined with SCC’s core modules, this suite optimizes revenue, while improving patient care.

SCC's Pathology
Information Systems Suite™
SCC’s Pathology Suite provides the flexibility, integration capability, and functionality needed for the diagnostic pathology laboratory environment. Designed for speed and efficiency, the modules in this suite enable users to share specimens between other labs such as biochemistry, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and molecular, thus allowing for integrated resulting and the ability to track specimens throughout multiple laboratory environments.

SCC's Forensic Science
Information Systems Suite™
SCC's Forensic Science Information Systems Suite is designed as a standalone software solution and is intended for use in Coroner and Forensic Autopsy and Testing facilities for the management of medico-legal Autopsy cases.

SCC's Laboratory
Information Systems Suite®
Maximize resources without compromising patient care with SCC's Laboratory Information Systems Suite. There has never been such a comprehensive suite of LIS software designed to address your lab's every need.

SCC's Laboratory
Information Management System
The Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is intended for a broad range of laboratories. From bio research to environmental or industry-oriented solutions, LIMS offers customizable and individualized setup options.
SCC's Blood Services
Information Systems Suite®
Complete – and centralized – blood management software solutions from the people who know clinical information systems, SCC's Blood Services Information Systems Suite offers multisite capabilities and accurate tracking of blood products from a centralized inventory with dynamic features that include outstanding management reports, daily trace, audit trail, and much more.

SCC's Research
Information Systems Suite™
SCC’s Research Suite offers an advanced workflow-processing center for genetics, genomics, proteomics, sequencing, and other lab experiments and tests. These workflows start when the sample arrives at the lab and continue as the sample is processed in one or more lab tests. The work doesn’t end when the sample is accessioned and put into a bio repository. That’s just the beginning of an overarching process that involves bench protocol tracking, assay data generation / management, data mining, and data analysis.

Developed for specialized purposes in hospitals and laboratories of all sizes, SCC's supporting – or ancillary – software solutions provide additional ease of operation and can play a paramount role in optimizing your enterprise's productivity. Many of these robust systems can be used standalone applications or work as integrated solutions with SCC's core modules.

Consultative services

Client Services & Technical Support
SCC Soft Computer has a mission to maintain the highest customer satisfaction level with client and technical support services. To deliver on this commitment to excellence, SCC's dedicated Technical Support Center is focused on providing world-class support through quality communication and on building knowledge with a mission to provide high levels of satisfaction by endowing customers with information, training, and technical assistance to support optimum utilization of SCC's robust software applications.
Workflow Assessment & Process Improvement
SCC provides comprehensive workflow analyses, educational services, and solid expertise to ensure the successful implementation of SCC solutions within the healthcare enterprise.
Comprehensive Implementation/Integration Services
A vital part of the success of implementing any proposed solution is the understanding that comes from examination of existing business processes. SCC utilizes detailed analyses to improve workflow and deliver real solutions to our clients.
Education and Training
SCC Educational Services provides a full spectrum of learning solutions to address all of your education, training, and learning needs. This typically starts with our System Design training to enable you to customize your system to meet the specific business needs of your facility. The educational relationship will continue with training that will create ‘super users’ of your new system, as well as help you prepare for training your end-users.
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