Rapid Implementation

As laboratories prepare for an influx of testing due to COVID-19, SCC has established a rapid implementation of 90 days or less to onboard and accelerate COVID-19 tests.

Ideal for start-up labs, smaller or standalone laboratories, SCC’s Rapid Implementation process allows labs to be up and running within 90 days as most prepare for an influx of COVID-19 testing.

Starting with identifying the client’s goals such as to minimize manual data entry/electronic documentation, to increase productivity via automation, the idea for many is to streamline the current processes to accelerate resulting as testing increases exponentially as months go on. Placing the software directly into the hands of the laboratorian allows for quick adaptation of the user-engagement, ultimately speeding up the testing results.

Clients utilizing SCC applications such as the cloud based SoftLIMS® can support specimen processing and testing automation from order intake whether it is electronic, drive-thru testing center, web-based order, or even paper-based requisition.

This SoftLIMS solution which supports molecular testing within the application has accelerated results, reducing the amount of manual labor, therefore increasing turnaround times. This low-cost, cloud based configurable solution is designed to provide software support for day-to-day operational automation in clinical, environmental, research, bio banking, and other environments.

Characteristics of a rapid implementation:

  • Modified implementation timeline, rapid deployment
  • Parallel Processes, increased coordination of activities
  • Focus on primary end goals
  • Aligning with SCC's established Best Practices to reduce configuration timeline

Requirements for a successful RIA:

  • Strict adherence to scope priorities
  • Mutual understanding and agreement of goals
  • Readiness from both client and SCC
  • Teamwork and Coordination
  • Continuous communication


  • Start-up labs
  • Smaller or standalone laboratories
  • Clients with fewer resources
  • Optional Managed Services


  • End to End Solutions
  • SoftLIMS Application
  • Order Entry / Results Portal
  • Billing Interface
  • Oracle Cloud-based Network Infrastructure


  • Identify client’s goals/pain points
  • Manual data entry
  • Minimal electronic documentation
  • Preparing for lots of growth
  • Streamline current processes
  • Establish organization and structure
  • Increase productivity via automation

Through SCC’s best practice workflows and model framework, the goal of SCC’s implementation process is for laboratories to shorten timeframes allowing for quick adaptation ultimately to speed up the ability for testing and resulting.