Education and Training

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SCC’s Educational Services department takes a blended learning approach to education and training and offers multiple methods to enable SCC clients and staff to become expert users of SCC’s robust healthcare information system software applications.

Educational Services

Our Mission

The mission of the Educational Services department is to provide our customers with the knowledge essential for successful job performance. We provide a full spectrum of learning solutions to address all of your education needs. We offer the following learning opportunities to our clients:

  • Instructor-led client training at our Clearwater, Florida headquarters
  • Downloadable training manuals
  • Self-guided computer-based training (CBT) on CD
  • Interactive Web-based training (WBT)
  • Webinars
  • Software simulations

SCC provides training for these suites of information systems products.

Classroom Instruction

SCC Educational Services offers classroom-based, instructor-led client training classes and workshops at our Clearwater, Florida headquarters that range from basic to advanced to address continuing or refresher training needs across products. Classroom sessions offer guided hands-on exercises with an expert instructor and networking with peers from other healthcare facilities. Classroom events range from three to five days in length.

Our client training staff is comprised of domain experts from the allied healthcare industry. SCC’s comfortable classrooms are set up with workstations for each student and can accommodate 12-24 students, so students have the full attention of a professional instructor.

Client training typically begins with our System Design training to enable you to customize your system to meet your specific business needs. This ‘educational’ relationship will continue with training that will create ‘super users’ of your new system as well as help you prepare for training your end-users.

Earn P.A.C.E. Credits

P.A.C.E. P.A.C.E.® provides a means for recording credits that Clinical Laboratory Professionals earn by attending continuing education programs to maintain and enhance their competence.

The American Society of Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) is a continuing sponsor of P.A.C.E. For more information on ASCLS and continuing education, visit their Web site at www.ascls.org.

SCC is approved as a provider of continuing education programs in the clinical laboratory sciences by the ASCLS P.A.C.E. Program (Professional Acknowledgment for Continuing Education).

Many of SCC’s client training courses are P.A.C.E.-certified and have been approved to receive P.A.C.E. credit in the form of contact hours, so your staff members can earn free continuing education credits (CEUs) that go towards keeping up their P.A.C.E. certification by attending classes at SCC.

Training Manuals

Clients who attend training at SCC receive a comprehensive training manual with exercises. We provide a printed, bound copy of the manual, along with the manual in portable document format (PDF) on CD. When clients return home, the manual can be posted to the client’s network or individual workstation for reference purposes or for use in the client’s own staff training.

The manuals in PDF are fully bookmarked, searchable, easy to navigate, and can be used as an online reference resource for your staff, or the manuals can be printed for use in your own on-site training courses.

Once your staff has attended training at SCC, you can extract information from your SCC training manuals in PDF to create your own training materials or reference materials if your facility has Adobe® Acrobat.

Internet Resources

SCC’s Web site at www.softcomputer.com offers you a gateway to many educational resources that can enhance your usage of SCC systems.

From this Web site, you can access class agendas and schedules for upcoming classes. You can also access a list of the training available on CD-ROM and a list of the available online courses.

Quality Training Gets Noticed

Training Top 125

Since 2002, SCC's Educational Services department has been chosen from a field of over 10,000 entries to rank among the top companies for workforce training and leadership development. SCC has been selected nine times in ten years based on our employee training initiatives and our ability to address employee turnover in specific departments through training certification.

From 2002-2006, SCC was ranked anywhere from 97th to 51st overall in the Training Top 100 (see Awards). In 2007, Training increased the field of competitors to 125 and changed the name of the ranking to the Training Top 125. The Training Top 125 is considered the most elite ranking among Fortune 500 companies for workforce training and leadership development.

  • 2007 ranking: 14th
  • 2008 ranking: 8th (first healthcare IT firm to place in the Training Top 10!)
  • 2009 ranking: 3rd (first healthcare IT firm to place in the Training Top 5!)
  • 2010 ranking: 9th (first healthcare IT firm to place in the Training Top 10 three consecutive years!)
    • Top Evaluation / Business Metrics Score for 2010
  • 2011 ranking: 4th (first healthcare IT firm to place in the Training Top 5 twice and the Training Top 10 four consecutive years!)
    • Top Evaluation / Business Metrics Score for 2011
    • 2011 Outstanding Training Initiative (Office Support Mentoring Program featuring the SCC EDS Personal Learning Passport)


SCC placed in the top five in the 2009 ASTD BEST Awards competition with a ranking of 3rd! In the 2009 competition, SCC is among 39 organizations from Canada, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, and the United States selected for this prestigious award. All winners are recognized in the October 2009 issue of Training & Development (T+D), ASTD’s monthly magazine.

ASTD (the American Society for Training & Development) is the world’s largest association dedicated to workforce learning, development, and performance professionals. Established in 2003 by ASTD, the ASTD BEST Awards Winner’s Circle includes small and large private, public, and not-for-profit organizations from around the globe.


SCC’s Educational Services team has been honored with three ASTD/ISPI OPAL Awards. ASTD/ISPI is a partnership between the American Society for Training & Development and the International Society for Performance Improvement. The OPAL (Outstanding Performance and Learning) Awards are sponsored by Tampa Bay ISPI and Suncoast ASTD and recognize the best and brightest Learning and Performance professionals in the Tampa Bay area.

  • SCC won the 2010 ASTD/ISPI OPAL Award for Excellence in Team Success, which recognizes the efforts of SCC’s Educational Services and Office Support teams and the Office Support department mentoring program.
  • SCC won the 2010 ASTD/ISPI OPAL Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction, which recognizes the efforts of SCC’s Educational Services and Client Services/Technical Support teams and the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Coaching by Client Services Managers program.
  • SCC won the 2009 ASTD/ISPI OPAL Award for Excellence in Leadership Development, which recognizes the company’s dedication to leadership development, their continuing efforts to provide cross training on all products, their investment in continuing education, and their use of continuing education and employee training to help the company stay at the forefront of the highly competitive healthcare IT industry.

SCC’s commitment to the effective education and training of its internal and external clients helps users get the maximum utilization and value from their LIS investment. More than ever, this is an important component to a successful IT implementation.

See Awards for more information about the recognition SCC has received in the past few years.

A Commitment to Continuing Education

SCC invests in the continuing education of our own staff of professional instructors and instructional designers. We keep our skills up-to-date to provide our valued clients with the best value on their training investment.

SCC offers a generous tuition reimbursement plan so SCC staff members can take college courses and certifications that will further enhance their professional skill sets.

SCC’s staff of instructional designers is becoming certified by CompTIA®. CompTIA® CTT+ certification is the credential recognizing excellence in instruction. It is a vendor-neutral certification that is applicable to training professionals in all industries.

CompTIACompTIA CTT+ proves the mastery of core instructor skills, including preparation, presentation, communication, facilitation, and evaluation in a classroom environment.

Soft Network Users Group (SNUG)

SNUGThe Soft Network Users Group (SNUG) was established to promote the free exchange of ideas and suggestions relating to the applications of SCC Soft Computer (SCC) laboratory software packages. As a vehicle of communication between the users and SCC, SNUG offers assistance to the large international client base.

After you go live, your first-year SNUG membership dues are provided compliments of SCC Soft Computer.

SNUG members gather in the spring of each year for the Healthcare Information Technology Summit, SNUG’s annual conference, for a week of learning, networking, and relaxing on Florida’s spectacular Gulf coast. Each year, the SNUG conference attracts more and more healthcare IT and allied healthcare professionals who have a common goal of learning what’s new with SCC’s powerful software solutions and finding ways to get the most from their SCC systems.

The SNUG conference offers unique educational and networking opportunities. Attendees learn new tools and techniques, share ideas, network with peers, and preview the latest software and services from many vendors, including SCC Soft Computer – the host of the event.

We incorporate fun activities designed to help break the ice so you can renew old friendships and feel comfortable meeting colleagues from other client facilities. And, we foster an environment where you can share ideas that will help you take full advantage of SCC products and keep up with the industry’s best practices.

Regional Users Groups (RUGs)

Regional Users Groups (RUGs) provide another educational and networking opportunity for SCC users.

Do you want to be involved, but don’t have time to get away for a week of training?
The SNUG RUGs provide members with:
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Learn More About SNUG
  • Increased Benefits of Being a SNUG Member

If distance and travel expenses are keeping you from attending the annual SNUG conference, the RUG conferences enable you to network and meet with your peers and fellow SCC users in your region, saving on travel costs and the time away from your facility.

For more information about the Soft Network Users Group (SNUG), visit their Web site at www.snuginconline.org.