SCC Soft Computer receives two 2010 ASTD/ISPI OPAL Awards

December 14, 2010

(Clearwater, FL) December 9, 2010 – SCC Soft Computer (SCC) announced Wednesday that they won two 2010 ASTD/ISPI OPAL Awards. ASTD/ISPI is a partnership between the American Society for Training & Development and the International Society for Performance Improvement. The OPAL Awards are sponsored by Tampa Bay ISPI and Suncoast ASTD and recognize the best and brightest Learning and Performance professionals in the Tampa Bay area.

The OPAL Awards, or Outstanding Performance and Learning Awards, recognize professionals in the following categories:

• Excellence in Leadership Development
• Excellence in Use of Technology
• Excellence in Team Success
• Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

SCC was a recipient of the 2009 ASTD/ISPI OPAL Award for Excellence in Leadership Development. The OPAL Award for Excellence in Leadership Development recognizes the accomplishments of an individual or organization in the pursuit of developing strong, effective leaders. In 2009, SCC was recognized for the company’s dedication to leadership development, their continuing efforts to provide cross training on all products, their investment in continuing education, and their use of continuing education and employee training to help the company stay at the forefront of the highly competitive healthcare IT industry.

The SCC Educational Services (EDS) team nominated two of their training programs from 2010; the awards were presented December 2 at the annual Tampa Bay ISPI and Suncoast ASTD celebration dinner.

The 2010 ASTD/ISPI OPAL Award for Excellence in Team Success recognizes the efforts of SCC’s Educational Services and Office Support teams and the Office Support department mentoring program. Office Support partnered with EDS to identify the cause of high turnover. Through the use of a personal learning passport, the Office Support department is able to capture, track, and measure the impact of informal, on-the-job training to ensure competency with key skills. Office Support is now able to better identify those individuals who have the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities for success, and their turnover rate has improved exponentially. This can be measured in the number of promotions from the Office Support department into other positions.

The 2010 ASTD/ISPI OPAL Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction recognizes the efforts of SCC’s Educational Services and Client Services/Technical Support teams and the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Coaching by Client Services Managers program. Through a partnership with EDS, the Client Services/Technical Support team was able to identify several areas for improvement. They established a comprehensive follow-up procedure for their event survey; shared results throughout the organization to ensure continuous improvement across departmental lines; improved event surveys to uncover trends that would suggest that certain types of tasks tend to result in dissatisfaction more often than others, leading to the ability to eliminate the root cause of the problem; and found a way for analysis to lead to a customized approach for improvement of training and development options to address both individual training needs and group issues. In 2009-2010, SCC implemented three additional targeted initiatives, all of which directly contributed to an increase in customer satisfaction. As a result of improvements made, the Client Services/Technical Support division achieved certification under the prestigious Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards in 2009 and recertification in 2010. The SCP Standards quantify the effectiveness of customer service and support based upon a stringent set of performance standards and represent best practices in the industry.

About ASTD
ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) is the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals. ASTD’s members come from more than 100 countries and connect locally in 140 U.S. chapters and 24 Global Networks. Members work in thousands of organizations of all sizes, in government, as independent consultants, and suppliers. ASTD started in 1944 when the organization held its first annual conference. ASTD has widened the profession’s focus to link learning and performance to individual and organizational results, and is a sought-after voice on critical public policy issues.

About Suncoast ASTD
Since 1974, the Suncoast Florida Chapter of the American Society for Training & Development has been part of the network of affiliated ASTD chapters across the United States. The National office is located in Alexandria, Virginia and services nearly 70,000 members worldwide. As a chapter, Suncoast ASTD is a nonprofit organization serving the needs of approximately 500 training and human resource development professionals throughout the Tampa Bay area. Members include practitioners, managers, consultants, administrators, educators, students, and researchers who focus on workplace performance issues in a variety of different industries and organizations. In addition to monthly professional development programs, they offer members and guests valuable professional development opportunities and information through conferences, vendor expos, their VISION newsletter and Web site, special interest groups (SIGs), and a variety of community outreach projects.

About ISPI
Founded in 1962, the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) is the leading international association dedicated to improving productivity and performance in the workplace. ISPI represents performance improvement professionals throughout the United States, Canada, and 40 other countries. ISPI's mission is to develop and recognize the proficiency of its members and advocate the use of Human Performance Technology. Assembling the Performance Improvement Conference and other educational events like Principles & Practices, publishing books and periodicals, and supporting research are some of the ways ISPI works toward achieving this mission.

About Tampa Bay ISPI
Tampa Bay ISPI is a chapter of ISPI and is an industry association of professionals dedicated to improving the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. They use scientific methods and techniques to achieve improved performance in a way that is measurable and sustainable. Their membership includes performance consultants, instructional designers, performance coaches, human resource specialists, project managers, chief learning officers (CLOs), trainers, and business owners.

About SCC Soft Computer
SCC is at the forefront of laboratory, genetics, blood services, outreach, pharmacy, and radiology information systems software development and offers full suites of Web-enabled clinical information management system solutions. Since 1979, SCC Soft Computer has been meeting the needs of the healthcare industry by providing powerful, clinical information solutions to hospitals, large IDNs, and laboratories.

Considered the largest LIS software production house in the world—with a workforce of over 1,500 professionals dedicated to LIS development—SCC has experience in accomplishing complex LIS implementations in large, multisite environments. SCC's flagship product, SoftLab®, has been recognized as the market standard for its robust functionality and ease of instrument interfacing, including robotics.

Consistently ranked 1st in the MD Buyline survey—a comprehensive, vendor-independent database used by hospitals and other medical facilities during the capital planning and purchasing process—SCC outranks its competitors in all categories. SCC has also been recognized for its commitment to workforce training and development. SCC placed 3rd in the 2009 American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) BEST Awards and has been included in the Training Top 125 nine times in 10 years, including four consecutive years in the elite Training Top 10. Visit www.softcomputer.com for more information.

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