Blood Bank Product Receives Market Approval from Food and Drug Administration

August 27, 2008

Clearwater, FL- SCC Soft Computer’s blood bank product, SoftBank® II, version 23.2 received market approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on August 12, 2008.

SoftBank II version 23.2 was designed to have the added capability to print ISBT-compliant labels for modified blood products. The functionality of the predicate device, SoftBank II version 23.1 with Database Management System Interface, is the foundation on which the added functionality of ISBT-complaint label printing was designed.

“As decision support software devices that are highly regulated and require knowledgeable user intervention to document certain steps and events in a transfusion service environment, it is important that our blood services products keep pace with industry standards, such as the usage of ISBT labels,” said Gilbert Hakim, CEO, SCC Soft Computer. “I am confident that SoftBank will remain on the leading edge in this competitive market.”

SoftBank II is a centralized transfusion service management system that combines previous high-performance functionality with exciting new features to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective centralized testing solution. The database management system offers, fast, direct linking between records and transactions. This dramatically increases levels of security and integrity when performing and documenting activities and events. As a major asset to the laboratory, SoftBank II provides critical safety functions throughout the system allowing the laboratory’s focus to remain on providing safe blood products to patients.

For nearly 30 years, SCC Soft Computer has been meeting the needs of the healthcare industry by providing powerful, clinical information solutions to hospitals, large IDNs (integrated delivery networks), and laboratories. Healthcare organizations seeking expertise, innovation, and a commitment to quality in healthcare information technology turn to SCC Soft Computer for best of breed clinical software applications. SCC offers full suites of Web-enabled clinical information management software. For more information, contact Ellie Vahman at ellie@softcomputer.com or (727) 789-0100 ext. 4052.

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