SCC Soft Computer Makes the Ranking in Top Healthcare Magazine

August 2, 2006

Clearwater, FL- Healthcare Informatics’ Top 100 Companies by Revenue (June 2006 issue) ranks SCC Soft Computer number 38. The company leapt from its 2005 ranking of 51 and reached 100 percent of its revenue for the year. SCC continues to be included in the magazine’s annual “Top” companies.

SCC Soft Computer is a supplier of comprehensive laboratory and clinical information systems for the healthcare industry. SCC’s prominence as an independent, privately owned company has earned the Company many accolades over the years. By continually being included in the “Top” rankings in various healthcare industry publications, SCC Soft Computer upholds its leadership status in the marketplace.

“This validates that we are financially on target for meeting our objectives, allowing us to invest in the development of more effective and advanced software,” says Jean Hakim, President, SCC Soft Computer. “We are a top vendor competing in a niche market that specializes in clinical information systems, and our ranking from year to year continues to prove our ability to evolve with the changing healthcare landscape.” Mr. Hakim partially attributes the company’s jump in ranking to the signing of key accounts, including Continuum Health Partners, MD Anderson, and Mayo Foundation, who chose SCC’s LIS over direct competitors as an LIS replacement.

“These new client accounts represent healthcare providers who are on the leading edge of patient care, research, and clinical laboratory testing,” says Mr. Hakim. SCC is partnering with these clients to develop genetics information management solutions. “These clients, who represent the high end of the healthcare market,” continues Mr. Hakim, “are pioneers in the field of genetics and molecular research, and SCC is privileged to have the opportunity to team up with these industry leaders and forge new scientific frontiers.”

“For the upcoming year, we plan on meeting more of our goals. We will accomplish this by working with prestigious healthcare providers and continuing to customize our product to meet the needs of our clients,” states Gilbert Hakim, CEO, SCC Soft Computer. “This responsiveness to client needs, along with the ability to create a product that will enhance productivity while using cost-effective solutions, is what makes SCC stand out from others in the industry.”

In the 13th annual Healthcare Informatics Top 100, companies collectively sold over $20 billion in IT products to health provider organizations and other business entities, offering everything from best of breed applications to enterprise-wide solutions. The Top 100 represents an always-changing industry that is fueled by strategy and fierce drive. All figures used in creating the Healthcare Informatics Top 100 were self-reported. The magazine editors relied on companies to provide accurate information.

Healthcare Informatics is considered to be one of the most comprehensive, most widely circulated, and best read publication on healthcare information technologies. First published in 1984, Healthcare Informatics targets all levels of healthcare management involved in the assessment and purchase of information systems for healthcare facilities and organizations.

For more than 25 years, SCC Soft Computer has been meeting the needs of the healthcare industry by providing powerful, clinical information solutions to hospitals, large IDNs (integrated delivery networks), and laboratories. Healthcare organizations seeking expertise, innovation, and a commitment to quality in healthcare information technology turn to SCC Soft Computer for best of breed clinical software applications. SCC offers full suites of Web-enabled clinical information management software. For more information, contact Ellie Vahman at ellie@softcomputer.com or (727) 789-0100 x4052.


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