Employees at Major Healthcare IT Company Fill Their Shopping Carts for Hurricane Victims

September 13, 2005

Palm Harbor, FL - In addition to making monetary contributions to a corporate fund-raiser, the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and other relief funds, the employees at SCC Soft Computer in Palm Harbor, FL filled their shopping bags with supplies that will be driven to Biloxi and the immediate surrounding areas.

The software company has many clients in the hurricane-ravished areas. “We have been told that 75% of the people in Biloxi Regional Medical Center, one of our clients, are without homes and many of our fellow clients/friends are reported dead in that area,” says Don Keller, Director of Educational Services at SCC Soft Computer.

The company was collecting money to donate to the hurricane victims and the Biloxi trip was a last minute decision. With less than 24-hours notice the employees of the Palm Harbor firm brought in more than 2000 pounds of goods packed in close to 400 boxes including batteries, baby wipes, disposable plates and silverware, pet food, tools, clothes, games and much more. The items were packed into a 17-foot truck without an ounce of space left. “This was totally employee driven,” said Jean Hakim, President of SCC. “As an executive of this company, it makes me very proud of the individuals we have here.”

About SCC Soft Computer: For more than 25 years, SCC Soft Computer has provided large hospitals and healthcare facilities with integrated clinical and workflow information software. Based in Palm Harbor, FL, SCC has grown to over $54 M revenue for 2004.

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