Multi-million dollar Healthcare IT Company Addressed National Medical Concerns at Software User Group Conference

July 20, 2005

Palm Harbor, FL - SCC Soft Computer held their 13th annual Soft Network User Group (SNUG) conference April 25-29 2005 in Clearwater, FL where they addressed national medical concerns aimed at improving patient care and updating America's healthcare system.

With more than 25 years in the industry and headquartered in Palm Harbor, FL SCC Soft Computer provides leading IT solutions to laboratories, hospital pharmacies and hospital radiology departments. The company has been very aggressive at harnessing the twenty-first century technologies that blend well as patient needs, privacy requirements and medical advances evolve. Close to 200 clinicians from hospitals and laboratories nationwide attended the SNUG conference to learn how to implement this technology to begin solving an evolving national concern.

"SNUG members have learned how proper implementation of our systems can help with the initiative to move toward uniform health information standards where electronic lab results can be transmitted to physicians for immediate analysis, diagnosis and treatment" says Jean Hakim, President. "It's all about patient care," continues Hakim, "and being able to issue electronic lab results ultimately means quicker reaction time and better, more efficient patient care."

SNUG also addressed how SCC's systems are capable of releasing medical orders and prescriptions electronically reducing the amount of error traditionally seen with handwritten orders. "America needs to see doctors using high-quality health information systems to best serve their patients. This is not an outrageous request," says Hakim.

Throughout the week SNUG members learned how new technologies and evolved workflows accommodate more advanced patient care.

Mr. Hakim adds, "A lot of the national healthcare issues are hitting Florida quicker than elsewhere because of our large retiring population. It's our responsibility as a healthcare IT company to educate our users on how they can effectively respond to these national demands and improve patient care."

For more than 25 years, SCC Soft Computer has provided large hospitals and healthcare facilities with integrated clinical and workflow information software. Based in Palm Harbor, FL, SCC has grown to over $54 M revenue for 2004.

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