SCC Soft Computer Ranked Number 1 in Laboratory Survey

September 2, 2004

PALM HARBOR, FL- SCC Soft Computer was ranked number one in a recently released 2004 Laboratory Information System evaluation conducted by HCIT Research. HCIT is an independent research firm headquartered in Glassboro, NJ solely dedicated to comprehensive and independent, Health Care Information Technology market research and analysis.

Setting themselves apart from other research companies, HCIT is unique in that they create and enforce stringent rules for participation in their surveys. The HCIT surveys are free of charge, ensuring there is no preferential treatment and that the findings are not influenced in any way. Also different from other industry research firms, the HCIT 2004 Laboratory Information System evaluation only included products that were currently being marketed—no legacy products were included in the survey. Suppliers were unable to draft or approve the survey responses nor were they able to select the customers that HCIT would survey about their product.

The HCIT report evaluated eight Laboratory suppliers based on product feature/functionality, customer satisfaction and architecture cost. “SCC SoftLab is the clear winner in the 2004 Lab Segment Product Review and Customer Satisfaction Survey,” says HCIT. The company was rated higher than Cerner, Meditech, Siemens, CPSI, GE, Misys, and McKesson giving them the coveted number 1 overall ranking in the survey. SCC was recognized as superior in the feature/functionality and customer satisfaction segment of the survey and was ranked second in the architect cost segment.

“It’s a real honor for SCC that a company like HCIT has recognized us with the number one spot in the overall category as well as the product feature/functionality and customer satisfaction segments,” says Gilbert Hakim, CEO at SCC Soft Computer. “As a company,” continues Hakim, “we are proud that SoftLab has been recognized as the leading laboratory information system (LIS) available today. SoftLab, SCC’s flagship LIS, provides quantifiable improvements in workflow efficiency and cost/test reductions in a wide variety of clinical laboratory environments. SCC’s clients appreciate our experience, sensitivity to their needs and suggestions, ease of transition through an efficient and effective implementation process, and above all, our customer service. SCC Soft Computer is proud of its position as an industry leader, an achievement made possible not only by providing technologically superior products, but by putting its customers needs first.” Hakim believes that the rules of participation for this survey set it apart from the other Market Research firms and highlight HCIT’s commitment to providing buyers with a truly impartial report.

For information on how to receive a copy of the HCIT 2004 Laboratory Information System report please visit www.hcitresearch.com. For additional SCC information please contact Ellie Vahman at 727-789-0100 x4052 or ellie@softcomputer.com.

About SCC Soft Computer

SCC Soft Computer is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. From its humble beginnings in 1979, SCC Soft Computer has been meeting the needs of the Healthcare Industry by providing powerful, best-of-breed clinical information solutions to hospitals and laboratories. SCC's fully integrated suite of clinical information management products includes SoftLab (laboratory), SoftRad® (radiology), SoftRx® (inpatient and outpatient pharmacy), SoftPath® (anatomic pathology), SoftMic® (microbiology), SoftA/R® (accounts receivable), SoftWeb™ Outreach Suite (Web-based module suite for outreach program application), SoftBank®II (blood transfusion management), SoftDonor® (blood donor software), and SoftWorkflow™ (Workflow).

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