SCC Lands Large Hospital System in Metropolitan New York, Continuum Health Partners

June 2, 2004

PALM HARBOR, FL- SCC Soft Computer, has announced that the company has been selected by Continuum Health Partners Inc., one of the largest hospital systems in metropolitan New York, for its product line of laboratory information software systems, and enhanced suite of management, consulting and educational services during the project lifecycle, for each of Continuum’s five major healthcare facilities. The partnership includes three Beth Israel Hospital locations, St. Luke’s Hospital, Roosevelt Hospital, Long Island College Hospital, and the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. Continuum is replacing a mixture of large information services vendors with SCC to realize multiple operational efficiencies, better functionality, and ultimately a higher return on investment. The hospital system serves over 10 million patients, delivers inpatient care through nearly 3,100 licensed beds, and operates a $2.4 billion annual budget.

Continuum made their vendor selection after a rigorous process that spanned more than 2 years. “This is a very large healthcare system with many diverse services. The key is really return on investment,” says Gilbert Hakim, CEO of SCC Soft Computer. “Continuum has done the numbers and believe they will recoup their entire investment on the new system in a very effective period of time.” SCC is replacing a mixture of all previous laboratory system vendors at each facility with their SoftLab, SoftMic®, SoftPath®, SoftA/R®, SoftBank®II, SoftDonor® and SoftWeb™. The hospital system’s laboratory makeup consists of rapid response labs, core labs and utilizes robotic instruments. “This is a complex laboratory environment. SCC really shines in these situations,” continues Gilbert Hakim.

Over 100 personnel at Continuum were initially involved in the decision-making process. RFPs were sent out, and then narrowed down to three potential vendors. Joseph Schappert, M.D., and Medical Director, says, “Particularly system-wide decisions such as this, is it’s very important to have an internal, broad-based level of input so that staff doesn’t perceive this as an imposition.” Dr. Schappert mentions the evaluation was based on both technological and clinical criteria. Dr. Schappert also commented, through the evaluation process the Continuum staff showed a strong preference for SCC products including SoftLab, SoftMic and SoftBank II. “Major selection criteria included SCC’s advanced technology and Specimen Tracking features,” notes Dr. Schappert, “We feel this information structure will give us a competitive advantage, particularly in our business development initiative.” He goes on to explain; “We also anticipate substantial improvements with the implementation of SCC in other areas as well; for example, auto-verification and consolidation of functions at our rapid response labs. With this technology, we’ll not only be able to streamline current systems, but expand service levels, improve turnaround time and provide better overall quality.”

SCC Soft Computer’s laboratory information systems features include rules-based Auto-verification and Auto-notification of results. Consequently, the lab tech doesn’t have to handle verification and can devote time to other more complex tasks, which ultimately improves turn around time. The user has extensive setup flexibility and test definition options to choose from, therefore, setting confidence in his own Auto-verification SOPs. The Specimen Tracking feature not only allows the user to monitor a specimen’s whereabouts at anytime, but also allows a comprehensive, statistical view of the big picture and of overall workflow performance. The user has numerous predefined tools to choose from. Also, the products’ diverse Multi-site Capabilities allow the user integration and consolidation of resources, for maximum efficiencies.

A not-for-profit organization, Continuum Health Partners, Inc. institutions have been committed to providing quality patient care in a variety of specialties for over 100 years. Its seven major hospital facilities are located in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but providers also see patients in group and private practices in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and in Westchester County. Collectively, Continuum has over 16,000 full time employees, and over 5,000 physicians. Currently, the healthcare system’s rapid response and core labs run a volume of well over seven million tests per year.

SCC Soft Computer is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. From its humble beginnings in 1979, SCC Soft Computer has been meeting the needs of the Healthcare Industry by providing powerful, best-of-breed clinical information solutions to hospitals and laboratories. SCC's fully integrated suite of clinical information management products includes SoftLab (laboratory), SoftRad® (radiology), SoftRx® (inpatient and outpatient pharmacy), SoftPath® (anatomic pathology), SoftMic® (microbiology), SoftA/R® (accounts receivable), SoftWeb™ Outreach Suite (Web-based module suite for outreach program application), SoftBank®II (blood transfusion management), SoftDonor® (blood donor software), and SoftWorkflow™ (Workflow). For more information, contact Ellie Vahman at (727) 789-0100 x4052.


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