SCC Soft Computer Releases SoftWorkflow™ with Clinical Outreach Management Package

March 1, 2004

PALM HARBOR, FL- SCC Soft Computer, announced this week the official release of the first version of its latest software development, SoftWorkflow, for the clinical market. This global concept and workflow engine includes a Clinical Outreach Management Package; that is, specific preset tools to benefit the clinical environment. SoftWorkflow allows the user to easily set customized standards in processes, such as physician order entry or results delivery, and is easily accessed from a single, web-based, user interface. Also, the new workflow software product contains an advanced graphical process design feature that is completely compatible with Microsoft® Office® documents.

“The release of our first version with the new Clinical Outreach Management Package should have an enormous impact,” says Gilbert Hakim, CEO of SCC Soft Computer. “This will not only affect the laboratory, but nearly every other area of the hospital. ” The company has already had substantial interest in the innovative product, and begun demonstrating SoftWorkflow to prospective customers. “We’ve already had tremendous feedback. People cannot wait to get their hands on it,” continues Gilbert Hakim.

The basis for SoftWorkflow was originally developed by efision, an SCC partner. Kim Byers, efision Product and Engineering Manager, mentions the compatibility of the efision product with the SCC goal for an easy to use, friendly product. SoftWorkflow users can create processes that leverage existing software to perform these processes. “For example,” notes Ms. Byers, “a person can receive a task via the task function in Microsoft® Outlook®, and the task complete date is scheduled considering their availability as it is recorded in their Microsoft Outlook calendar.” She goes on to explain, “the product also has a simple drag and drop graphical design tool for creating processes. If an existing form is already used in the process, the form can be scanned in and ‘live’ fields can be enabled.”

Included in SCC’s SoftWorkflow, is the unique Clinical Outreach Management Package. Tomek Ocipka, SCC’s Research and Development Director of Contract Programming says, “the Package has three distinct components; 1) the Customer Relations component, to track customer’s incoming calls, requests for service, and problem resolution; 2) the Courier Tracking component, to dispatch and courier requests, specimens and supplies; and 3) the Inventory Management component, to manage supplies such as specimen tubes, containers, requisitions and forms.” The new software with the Clinical Package integrates with robust SCC’s LIS system, allowing the user to manage their outreach services, and locate a specimen at any time. Ocipka continues, “these components provide our customers with many advantages; they can reduce phone calls, easily track specimens, saving time and expenses. SCC has really automated outreach with this software.”

SCC Soft Computer is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. From its humble beginnings in 1979, SCC Soft Computer has been meeting the needs of the Healthcare Industry by providing powerful, best-of-breed clinical information solutions to hospitals and laboratories. SCC's fully integrated suite of clinical information management products includes SoftLab (laboratory), SoftRad® (radiology), SoftRx® (inpatient and outpatient pharmacy), SoftPath® (anatomic pathology), SoftMic® (microbiology), SoftA/R® (accounts receivable), SoftWeb™ Outreach Suite (Web-based module suite for outreach program application), SoftBank®II (blood transfusion management), and the new SoftDonor® (blood donor software), which recently received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For more information, contact Ellie Vahman at (727) 789-0100 x4052.


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