PathWest and National Blood Authority Collaborate with SCC Soft Computer for Real-Time Integration

June 29, 2021

PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA (PathWest) has successfully integrated its new laboratory information system (LIS) transfusion medicine module, SoftBank®, with the National Blood Authority’s (NBA) BloodNet LIS interface.

The BloodNet-SoftBank® LIS interface, supporting ISBT-128, has been introduced throughout PathWest’s 27 laboratories in Western Australia – the first and largest connection of its kind in Australia. The successful integration is the culmination of five years of collaborative work between NBA, PathWest, and SCC Soft Computer (A US based company with support offices in Australia), and will ultimately lead to greater time saving and data accuracy – integral to positive patient outcomes.

Joe Boyle, PathWest Chief Executive, said he is delighted with the successful integration with BloodNet and SoftBank®.

“The integration is providing more reliable and efficient processes for requesting, tracking, receiving and billing for blood products, and allows PathWest to transfer data between all stakeholders in the blood sector.”

Elizabeth Quinn, NBA Deputy Chief Executive, Fresh Blood Products and Business Systems, said the NBA is proud to be a part of the first ISBT-128 Statewide implementation that is now integrated with BloodNet.

“The BloodNet-SoftBank® interface achieves greater data integration and will benefit PathWest, WA Health, and the NBA by providing near-real time processing and enabling more effective inventory management.”

The major benefit of BloodNet integration is time saving. The elimination of manual entry of component and product information during the inventory delivery process is a measurable time saving for all involved. Accuracy and safety of product information is also improved with the integration. Information such as product identification, expiration date/time, antigens and patient assignment is transferred electronically eliminating transcription errors.  

SCC’s SoftBank® automatically reports, in near-real time, current stock level and allocation to BloodNet without any user intervention, eliminating potential human error. The integration also allows for the collection of data that was not previously exchanged improving overall inventory management and supporting strategies to reduce wastage.  

SCC Soft Computer’s CEO Gilbert Hakim commented, “SCC is dedicated to the Australian Marketplace and will continue to offer increased functionality across our Clinical, Anatomic and Genetics suite of products to improve care delivery in the Australian and Asia Pacific Regions.”

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