SCC's Outreach Information Systems Suite®

As the financial landscape of the hospital evolves and the clinical areas are expected to be profit centered, there is a bigger-than-ever demand being placed on hospitals and laboratories to optimize their systems in every way. Combined with SCC's core modules, SCC's Outreach Information Systems Suite® optimizes revenue, while improving patient care.

  • SoftWeb®
  • SoftA/R®
  • SoftCompliance®
  • SoftExpress®

  • SoftExpressPlus

  • Courier Tracking / Customer Relation Management System
    An outreach management solution that provides functionality of CRM support for incoming calls, supplies inventory, courier tracking, and phlebotomy.

  • SoftWebPlus®

  • Computerized Physician/Provider Order Entry/Results Query solution
    SoftWebPlus is a set of clinical software modules designed to be accessed and utilized via the Internet. This Internet-based clinical software application is intended for use in accessing, obtaining, and utilizing clinical data via the Internet from healthcare clinical information systems.

SoftA/R Supporting Product

  • SoftBI®: Business Intelligence Solutions

    The premier Business Intelligence product line for productivity and efficiency analyses, SCC's SoftBI® leverages industry leading data visualization software against SCC's growing clinical information systems/LIS Data Warehouse.
    The completed line of business intelligence products will include a full suite of interactive drill-down style reports that provide critical operational data, analytical and statistical data, laboratory efficiency data, various productivity analyses and other reports involving data from all of SCC's core software products.