SoftFlowCytometry - SCC's flexible data management solution for the diagnostic genetics laboratory - enables pathologists and medical technologists to effectively analyze multiple parameters from flow cytometric analysis software, including imported histograms and scatter plot images and data from custom panels derived from flow cytometry analysis techniques. The net result is better design configurations in testing workflows, task management, and result reporting.

SoftFlowCytometry can be readily interfaced with virtually any flow cytometry instrument or data analysis platform for capture of large volume information analysis and management. Interfacing supports an efficient laboratory workflow avoiding manual entry that increases risk for data entry error. Efficiency and accuracy gains offered by SoftFlowCytometry will ensure that your laboratory can grow rapidly without requiring additional personnel or negatively impacting quality

  • Adjustable flow panels
  • Provides the flexibility for users to customize their flow panels as needed, adding or deleting markers or tubes to get optimal analysis for every sample and patient
  • Specific capture of billing per unique antigen
  • Provides more accurate billing with improved revenue capture potential
  • Configurable result tables
  • Enables users to produce easy-to-read reports
  • Quick and easy comparison of previous patient testing histories, including images, data, and reports
  • Efficient access to detailed patient result histories helps to reduce the turnaround time (TAT) of the reporting process and enhances the accuracy of lymphoma and leukemia prognoses for the patient
  • Customizable sample processing workflows, task lists, and data presentation
  • Enables users to stay flexible as their protocols and analysis techniques evolve
  • Security-driven manager's dashboard for enterprise-wide workload assignment and tracking
  • SoftFlowCytometry's My Orders queue provides users secure, customized access for analysis review.
  • Auto reflex testing across technologies based on client-defined rules
  • Eliminates manual error inherent in manual reflex ordering and reduces turnaround time of reflex tests
  • Easily and quickly locate information using standard and customizable reporting features
  • Provides opportunities for operational and productivity reports to assist with lab management as well as patient or result queries to uncover clinical trends or support publication initiatives