Consultative Services

Education and Training
SCC Educational Services provides a full spectrum of learning solutions to address all of your education, training, and learning needs. This typically starts with our System Design training to enable you to customize your system to meet the specific business needs of your facility.
The educational relationship will continue with training that will create ‘super users’ of your new system, as well as help you prepare for training your end-users.

Comprehensive Implementation/Integration Services
A vital part of the success of implementing any proposed solution is the understanding that comes from examination of existing business processes. SCC utilizes detailed analyses to improve workflow and deliver real solutions to our clients.

Workflow Assessment & Process Improvement
SCC provides comprehensive workflow analyses, educational services, and solid expertise to ensure the successful implementation of SCC solutions within the healthcare enterprise.

Client Services & Technical Support
SCC Soft Computer has a mission to maintain the highest customer satisfaction level with client and technical support services. To deliver on this commitment to excellence, SCC's dedicated Technical Support Center is focused on providing world-class support through quality communication and on building knowledge with a mission to provide high levels of satisfaction by endowing customers with information, training, and technical assistance to support optimum utilization of SCC's robust software applications.