SCC's Radiology Information Systems Suite™

SCC's Radiology Information Systems Suite™ offers a solution for the modern radiology department faced with increasing volumes, growing outreach, decreasing staff, and the need to provide access to information, images, and reports across departments, multiple sites, and offsite locations via the Internet.

SoftRad® RIS

Faced with increasing volumes, decreasing staff, and the need to share information across departments and facilities, the demands of modern radiology operations require a radiology information system (RIS) capable of reducing workload and integrating with other systems, while providing tools for proper management.

SoftRad is a total RIS solution that addresses these needs. Patient registration and lookup is fast and easy to use, while SoftRad's comprehensive automated scheduling accommodates time/date preferences, compound exams, facilitates centralized scheduling for multiple locations, and maximizes room utilization. SoftRad tracking monitors patient exams, while bar coding is used extensively, increasing operational efficiency.

For radiologist reports, SoftRad utilizes Microsoft® Word, providing custom reports, templates, headers/footers, and logos. The digital dictation interface links readings with exams to reduce transcription errors, while integrated voice recognition and electronic signature gives radiologists a complete set of tools needed to produce high quality final reports independently. Key images may also be included on the report.

To provide tools for improved management, SoftRad provides resource scheduling and complete audit trails, as well as a comprehensive set of management reports, including productivity and turnaround time (TAT), assisting in identifying bottlenecks in workflow. Supply charges are linked to exams reducing lost charges, and medical necessity checking for outpatient services ensures reimbursement.

SoftRad features at a glance:

  • Interoperability and tools needed to integrate with any PACS environment
  • Hospital or imaging center ready
  • Powerful preference-based scheduling
  • Mammography MQSA compliant
  • Complete patient/exam tracking
  • HIPAA audit trail
  • Resource scheduling
  • Automatic report distribution
  • Electronic signature
  • Embedded Master Patient Index
  • Integrated voice recognition
  • Medical necessity verification/ABN
  • Comprehensive management reporting
  • HIS, PACS, billing integration
  • MultiSite, multi-time zone capability
  • Powerful, scalable, secure system architecture