SCC's Pharmacy Information Systems Suite™

Today's new directives in hospital pharmacy departments include maximizing services and reducing errors - with patient care foremost in mind. SCC's total hospital Pharmacy Information Systems Suite offers management and information solutions that are designed to meet the challenges of the dynamic inpatient and outpatient hospital pharmacy environment.

SoftRx® Inpatient

SoftRx utilizes unique timesaving features to directly address the need to reduce medication errors, increase productivity and communication, and enhance the timeliness and quality of patient care. There's improved safety through the user's addition of rules to those in 3rd party database, including age, sex, weight, lab results, and maximum dosage range.

Pharmacist-friendly features in both Inpatient and Outpatient modules include extensive pharmacist notes features, printing of patient teaching monographs, and precise and effective adverse reaction monitoring. Shifting between Inpatient and Outpatient is seamless, with no need to open a new application.

The SoftRx system has multisite capabilities that allow patient profiles to be viewed or orders to be entered from any of the networked sites. SoftRx has both centralized and de-centralized multisite inventory functionality that allows all inventory to be monitored and regulated from the home site or any other site.

Full integration with clinical laboratory and microbiology systems provides a seamless flow of information throughout the enterprise - a key ingredient of improving patient outcomes. SoftRx easily integrates with existing HIS and LIS systems, as well as a variety of drug dispensing and other delivery systems.

SoftRx provides substantial adverse event reduction, improved patient outcomes, increased pharmacy efficiency, and enhanced quality assurance regardless of workload or operating environment. With significant features and benefits, SoftRx is the most comprehensive hospital pharmacy management solution available today!

This total hospital pharmacy system for inpatient and outpatient management offers:

  • IV and med order entry
  • Pharmacy med profiles
  • Cart fills, IV batching
  • Extensive intervention documentation
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Interaction reporting
  • Controlled substance tracking
  • Patient medication administration reports
  • Automated device interfacing, hand helds
  • Oracle®, CORBA, Microsoft® OCX Grid, Java, Visual C++
  • Rules-based, user-defined interactions

SoftRx® Outpatient

Today's outpatient pharmacy represents a variety of needs - including long-term care, outpatient clinics, outpatient surgery, walk-in clinics, and employee prescriptions - all of which can be managed easily with SCC's versatile SoftRx Outpatient pharmacy management system.

The SoftRx Outpatient module provides a complete software solution to hospitals that service different types of outpatients, such as Long Term Care, Outpatient Clinics, Outpatient Surgery, Walk-ins and Employee Prescriptions, are easily managed. Outpatient user interfaces are similar to the Inpatient module, ensuring ease-of-use as users move between modules. A total pharmacy system for outpatient management, SoftRx Outpatient is the most comprehensive hospital pharmacy management solution available today!

SoftRx Outpatients users enjoy robust features including:

  • Quick and easy navigation between inpatient and outpatient modules
  • Multisite capabilities allowing orders to be viewed, entered, monitored, or regulated from any network site
  • Conveniently print hard copied or transfer prescriptions
  • Extensive pharmacist input notes
  • Easily print patient education monographs