Real revenue is the nuts and bolts that keep the laboratory operation in the black. A billing and accounts receivable system is much more than numbers. An advanced and versatile billing and accounts receivable information system, such as SCC's SoftA/R, is essential to keep that competitive edge.

SoftA/R is among the most flexible and advanced accounts receivable products for the lab environment. Developed specifically for billing and accounts receivable management in laboratories, clinics, and hospitals, SoftA/R provides practical solutions unique to this environment. Its many features decrease lost revenue and assist in competitive marketing. Full compatibility and integration with SoftLab provides accurate status reports, medical necessity checking, and accurate billing.

CORBA technology embedded in the SoftA/R module ensures HIPAA compliance, the use of Oracle and CORBA ensures fast response time, and HL-7 interfacing allows for enterprise-wide integration with other SCC products. SoftA/R is fully interfacable and scalable. It's the foundation for effective management of day-to-day billing.

SoftA/R users appreciate benefits including:

  • Automated medical necessity checking insures the appropriate diagnosis is associated with the correct CPT based on defined LMRP/NCD guidelines
  • Unlimited, multi-tiered fee schedules with carve-outs to satisfy the most complex contract agreements
  • Supports multisite facilities with specific revenue tracking (mergers, consolidations, and performance evaluations)
  • Ensures clean claim edits applied to all charges prior to transmitting for billing
  • Provides the ability to make automatic adjustments (contractual adjustments based on allowable, small balance write-offs, etc.)
  • Customized accounting and management reports easily created through ODBC-compliant report generation software
  • Standard reports database providing numerous management and data analysis reports. In addition a report writing tool is available for users to design their own queries and reports